GTX 1080Ti details confirmed - and it's good news


Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 Ti: 'faster than Titan X Pascal'

I'll definitely be picking one of these up. Whether I build a whole new PC around it is a decision I have to make (more like when, not if), but in terms of what GPU to pick the decision is made for me. Better performance than a Titan Pascal for half the price? Oh okay then... This is the one I've been waiting for and I'm glad I held out.

I've taken a step back from VR until I knew I could get a card that could push supersampling up to 2.0. The 980Ti just wasn't enough to enjoy VR to it's full potential (and a Titan Pascal is just ridiculously overpriced). I have run the vive with 2.0 supersampling and although I was getting unplayable framerates with the 980Ti it was a tantalizing preview of what was to come, it looked absolutely incredible. As good as a monitor. I'm really excited about playing my favourite VR titles with this level of fidelity (1.5 - 2.0 supersampling) and good framerates which the 1080Ti will do no problem. The Titan Pascal can do it, and as all the tech sites are saying that the 1080Ti is faster than the Titan I cannot wait to see how they look! The 980Ti will either be used as a dedicated phsyX card, which will help offload work from the CPU, or I might just sell it on. Not sure on that one yet.

This card will be the first time I've switched from Gigabyte in the last few iterations. My last three cards have been a 650Ti BOOST, a G1 970 and a G1 980Ti, but after having to RMA my 980Ti and not having a great experience with their customer service I'm going to switch to Asus and go for a more unified ROG setup. I already have the ROG Swift PG279Q monitor (which is awesome btw and highly recommended) so I'll be building a new pc around the ROG brand starting with the Strix 1080Ti card coupled with a new ROG motherboard. It's just a case of either pulling the trigger now or waiting to see how the latest CPU war will shake out.

That's the big decision really. Whether to go Ryzen or stick to the tried and tested Intel CPU's. Decisions decisions...

Anyone else ready for an upgrade and considering a 1080Ti?
Absolutely. I could use more frames and don't want to do SLI. Throw in the price drop that NVidia is doing with all the 10 series cards... it will be interesting.

This is probably the most interesting year in pc hardware since... mid 2000s?
I agree Kit, and the 1080Ti looks like a decent choice for powering that 4K 144Hz monitor eh?

I'm still waiting for the longer term (read: anti hype) reviews of Ryzen before I make up my mind on what chip to use though. AMD coming on strong can only be a good thing for us though, I feel like Nvidia and Intel have been resting on their laurels for far too long and this has been the kick up the ass they needed to give us more for our money.
I tried the 980 Ti as a physx card P and when it made no difference whatsover I had a little research and found that games were Physx specific and really didnt benefit much , but depends what you play i guess?

As for the power of the 1080Ti , I really need to have a good look into that vs the titan as the price is about £400 difference, I have an RMA in progress just in case but need see just where the performance is different before i sent my titan back. Sure it is faster (not by much though ) but not sure what losing a gig of vram would do.

anyone that can shed some light on this in laymans terms would be a great help :)
Yeah not many games make use of it that's for sure. I think I;ve already decided to sell it to be honest. Thanks for the feedback though that's good to know.

Ok I'll give it a try as this has something I've done extensive research into. Nvidia really have pushed the boat out with this Ti card, more so than any other Ti card in history.

It's highly unlikely that anyone will notice the missing gig of RAM and Nvidia has mitigated the effects of the drop in memory bandwidth by using higher speed GDDR5X - 11gbps vs the 10gbps modules found on the Titan X Pascal. The end result is that GTX 1080 Ti actually has marginally more bandwidth than Titan X Pascal. From an overclocking perspective, the question is how far it can be overclocked further - a popular pc hardware site runs their Titan X memory at 11gbps with a rock-solid overclock. With 4K gaming, memory bandwidth really is at a premium and needs to be pushed as far as it can go, the 1080Ti should allow for some very good overclocks, further than the Titan XP could go thanks to a better TDP.

But even without overclocking, it basically boils down to the 1080Ti having higher speed memory, and that's more important than sheer quantity of memory (ie. the 11 vs 12 GB of memory you referred to).

Ultimately the benchmarks will reveal all but at this point every reputable PC hardware site is expecting the 1080Ti to match the Titan XP and even outperform it in some games. For the difference in price, that's nothing short of incredible good news for PC gamers, not so good for Titan XP buyers.

If I were you I'd get one after the RMA and pocket that money. I can't (and neither can any other PC hardware site) see a single reason to own a Titan XP over a 1080Ti going forward!
My 1080 Ti FE is already pre-ordered. I've been chomping at the bit for this card for a while and had the pennies stashed away to buy it.

I agree on the Titan XP thing. If you can get enough money back from it to buy the 1080 Ti and pocket some cash, I would. The 1080 Ti will be so close to it in performance that paying the 400 dollar premium for an extra gig of (slower) VRAM will feel bad.
I am going to wait on at least a comparison on GPU boss , they have one at the moment which is comparing the TI to the maxwell titan, pointless.

if i send this back under the RMA then it will be because it out performs the titan, not just comes close. The money is already spent ( although getting some back would be nice of course :) ) but if the card is better then sure i will replace it , but if it needs to be overclocked to out perform then I will keep my titan as I wont be doing that anyway.

If it is the case that it out performs the titan at 4k on a 34 inch ultra wide then I am never going to see this before the new range of Nvidia stuff comes in the next couple of years.

My main check is going to be with VR and as I am maxed out at ultra already with every app and still holding framerate there is going to have to be something I have not yet thought of to make me tear my titan out of my pc :)

if anyone finds something solid stat wise, please post it!
For those who didn't get a pre-order in, but are still interested in buy one of these, they go on sale at 10 AM PST Friday morning at most major tech retailers (Newegg, Amazon, I would assume NCIX in Canadaland). If it's anything like previous Ti release they'll sell out in < 30 minutes. With the 980 Ti it took another couple of months for supply to stabilize.
Benchmarks are in and the 1080 Ti is a bit faster than Titan XP, but it's not much. Generally 1 or 2 frames here or there. It also runs a bit warmer and draws a touch more power, which makes sense given the clock speeds at play.
Just reading some of the benchmark articles now.

"Nvidia have basically rebadged the Titan XP and sold it for half the price"

Yep, I'm totally fine with that...

Finally 4K 60fps+ is a reality with a single card that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money. When you really think about it how daft is it that we can talk about a £700 graphics card being a bargain...
My 1080 Ti gets here Wednesday. I'll probably get an aftermarket cooler for it at some point when I feel the need to OC it, but for now I'll just run the shroud cooler and keep it un-OCed.
First review of any of the aftermarket solutions: The Asus Strix 1080Ti.

Out of the box, the card is 5% faster than the reference "Founders Edition" card when averaged over our test suite at 4K resolution. This makes the card 8% faster than the much more expensive Titan X and a whopping 30% faster than the GTX 1080, which just a few weeks ago was the card every enthusiast wanted. AMD's fastest, the Fury X, is about half as fast. This makes the GTX 1080 Ti a great option for 4K gaming as it is able to deliver 60 FPS at the highest settings in most of our titles.

Bought a new toy to go with my 1080 Ti: The Asus Rog PG34Q, 34" ultra wide QHD (3440x1440). I'm still not sold on the step to 4K yet for this generation of cards, it's doable but not ideal. I did want to take a resolution step up though from 1440p and ultra wide intrigued me for the flight simming applications. Here I am checking out my main sim, Falcon BMS, on it. The amount of outside-the-cockpit space I have while still being able to see my MFD's is pretty great.


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