Guild Wars 2 - Live Summer 2021: Living World Season 2 & 3


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*This forum thread, and the dates listed in this chart, are how I'm expecting this will work, based on the information given below. Please let me know if there is a better, or more official schedule somewhere that differs from my guestimation.*

Proposed time: Every Tuesday - 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT (12:00am GMT)

Guild Wars 2 is having a "Live Summer 2021" event where they will be opening up one living world chapter, for free, each week;

Starting May 25, Living World episodes will be in the spotlight chronologically. Episodes are free to unlock during their spotlight week, and we’ll update them with new achievements. Complete all the new Living World Season 2 and 3 achievements to earn a voucher for a Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons precursor weapon. When the expansion launches, you can redeem it and begin crafting your very own third-generation legendary weapon.

After completing the new meta-achievement for all three playable Living World seasons and The Icebrood Saga, you’ll receive a legendary amulet as a powerful reminder of your role in shaping Tyria’s destiny.

The new achievements and their rewards will be available permanently, so you can always complete them even if you miss the spotlight weeks.
- Guild Wars 2 Live: Summer 2021

Living World episodes unlock new area's on the map, host new open world Hearts and Meta Events, as well as Story Instances that fill in some gaps between the expansions. The story instances are limited to 4-players (for reasons? Don't get me started... ). I'm not sure you're required to be level 80, but this is end-game content, and everything hurts like HELL, even if you're level 80, so you'll probably want to be level 80, and topped up on Exotic (orange) gear, minimum (Make sure it's level 80, and not the cheesy level 72-78 "almost exotics, but not really" gear). Living World Season 2 is the build up to the first expansion "Heart of Thorns", while Living World Season 3 bridges the gap between HoT and the second expansion; "Path of Fire".

If you're not level 80, yet, there is no rush to jump in immediately. LWS2 offers the fewest rewards of any Living World, so unless you're interested in the story, you won't gain much from it in the long term. Any missed Living World chapters can be purchased off the gem store, at any time, for 200 gems each (and of course there are sales and bundles to watch out for, too).

Since the stories release on Tuesday, would everyone be okay with setting aside Tuesday nights ~8pm EDT / 5pm PDT to get through the story? That way we can blast through the story together (well... at least in groups of up to 4........ ) and then we'll have the rest of the week to branch out and do World Completion, Achievements, and Meta's.


Works for me, although I am out of town the week of Memorial Day, so will miss the second Tuesday of the event.


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Yeah, Wednesday is fine for me, at least for this week. Also, the forum says they're dropping BOTH "Gates of Maguma" AND "Entangled" this week, so I will probably have to update the schedule as may be going through this twice as fast. Makes sense, then, that next week will be the full "Dragon's Reach", rather than parts. 1 & 2 separately.

AND yes, once you log in and have access to LW, you KEEP access to LW for your account, free or paid. If you unlock them all this summer, you'll never need to purchase them.


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I've been moved to 1st shift "temporarily" (could be weeks, could literally be months) , so I can no longer play during the week. I stand by the original plan of doing story on Tuesday and THEN spend the rest of the week farming and doing achievements and events - the story walks you through areas, teaches you mechanics, and gives context to a lot of the events that you complete throughout the world - but you guys can figure it out.



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@Skid_Marc_ Is there a day when you would like to schedule group LW story progression that fits your temp/new schedule?
Nah, I'm just gonna lay low and maybe do some Skyscale grinding when I have time, for now. I'm planning on hitting Dragon Bash pretty hard in a few weeks, though, and by then I (hopefully) I'll be more comfortable where I'm at.

Thanks though.


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