Half Life: Alyx

OK, Just a quick one about this title as I am about 3 and a half hours in and had to take a little break as I couldn't stand up any more :D That, and my controllers needed charging up , but as soon as i can feel my feet again I am right back in there!
For any half life fans, this game really is the next step and for anyone with VR this is hands down the best "non sim" title I have played (I have had VR for 4 years now so that is saying something)

This game is super smooth and just watching my own VOD back everything looks super smooth and the graphics are very nice indeed, If not for the head movement it is difficult to tell this isn't just an FPS! The immersion is pretty fantastic although there are a couple of tiny bugs that will most likely get patched out this week, A couple of movement options need tweaking and the left handed mode has apparently not been thought through enough, but these are easy things to change.

All in all a very solid title, not sure exactly how much time the story has in it but I feel I have barely scratched the surface! If you have non Index VR and didn't get this title for free I would recommend grabbing a copy!
A little clip included here just for fun!
Hey hey, I just picked this up to play with the quest in oculus link mode. Looking forward to trying it the day after tomorrow when I have some free time. I'm gonna check out your video to get me hyped, cheers!

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