Hearthstone Players?

Anyone here ever play some Hearthstone? I've recently had a small fix to play it, and since I had last played they added some pretty cool stuff. Honestly a pretty fun, quick game to get into. I managed to get it to work on my Note 4 (the app they currently have is only "supported" for devices over 6" for whatever reason) so I've been pretty intoxicated. Still kinda a noob though.


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No clue what this is but seeing i have a Note 4 myself i might give it a try.

Can't say there's all that much "amazing" stuff for it yet.
No clue what this is but seeing i have a Note 4 myself i might give it a try.
Don't know what Hearthstone is? I guess I was assuming everyone did. FYI you need to do something a little different to get it to work... but it is very simple.

Hearthstone (in my own words) is a online CCG (collectible card game) that involves strategy and deckbuilding to win. Content-wise, it is based upon WoW... but, having never played WoW, it doesn't really matter to me and has no affect on gameplay. If you've played Magic, you'll see the many similiarities. It is a fun, quick and a bit simpler version of Magic, I'd say (And I only barely know how to play Magic, never really played it).

Players face off by choosing characters that have unique deck-types with the ultimate goal to kill your opponent's character. It is deceptively simple... very quick to learn and very tough to master. Earn new cards by leveling up from playing other people, buying, earning decks, and doing adventures (the player vs ai version). You can earn gold from daily tasks, wins, the arena, or buying gold with actual currency.

Hope that helps.


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Thinking of it, it might've been you who already told me about it on TS.

I had a couple of friends that used to played Magic, since then they "used" to be friends....
I'm not the kind of guy that would be entertained while playing that.

I do play "regular" cards but that's only after a wobbly pop or 2 with friends.
Does the whole world aside from my region use the term Wobbly pop??

Last thing I played CCG-wise was Pokemon. Hahaha. But really, its a fun game to play when you need a break from the good ones.
My brother has got me into playing this now and then. It's nice to do some short games during breakfast or something. I also like how you need to gather better cards over time to become "stronger". Unfortunately you can also just use money transactions to buy enough cards to get a deck that requires little skill to use to crush opponents of higher skill level than you.

Apart from that there is also arena mode at least which lets you create decks from random cards to equal the playing field. The "fixed series" as you could call it :p
Hah nice.. the fixed series. It is an entertaining, well built but easy game. The arena is especially fun, I just wish in general, it wasn't such a pain to get money. Talk about grinding.

That's all I'd change. I still wouldn't call it pay to win (I know you didn't call it that but the way you worded it made it sound almost like it would be). The grind just can be utterly stupid though.

Some of the cards are just rare and special. But some are actual direct improvements on the basic cards. I also wish I could play some of the "Adventure" mode without having to pay the equivalent of something like 10-20 bucks. I think its like 750 gold.

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