Here's Ami :D


Since we've been talking about our kitties while playing this week, here's some pictures of my new kitty, Ami. She's almost 5 months old and is a Minuet. She's awesome, fun and cuddly :D

Ami in her kitty condo

Ami in her kitty tunnel

Ami in the Christmas presents

Does anyone else have an awesome pet?????
I got my kittens Deb! as soon as I can get them to stop running like hell at the first sign of well.... anything! I will take a better picture,
Just need to get them trusting enough by Friday so I can get them to their first vet appointment, no doubt undoing all that trust in one fell swoop. ( I even caught one of them yawning so she can be all pissed with me later for taking a bad photo.



OMG!!!!! You got two :D So adorable!!!! What are they're names? Ami was very shy at first and kept hiding all the time, but within a couple of weeks, she became very attached to me and would sleep by my head on the pillow at night, just purring away :) She still doesn't like strangers and does a little growl when she hears someone at the door and scampers for a hiding spot if she doesn't know who it is. But she comes out if she knows them. I bet two of them will be so fun!!! Set regular play times at the same time each day and they get use to that and come to expect it. Ami comes for play time in the morning while I'm working out and the evening after I'm done gaming and we have different games we play. I also take her outside on a harness when the weather is nice since it is not very safe for cats to be outside here. But she loves it, when I open the drawer where I keep her harness, she comes to me so I can put it on her :) She also likes her cat condos in front of the windows so she can watch the birds and squirrels. So with all of that she really has not gotten bored so she doesn't tear up things. I want to see more pictures:)
as soon as i can get them to hold still for more pictures I will Deb :)
they are only 8 weeks old so their first visit to the vet is on Friday, then they will hate me lol. They have stopped hiding now though (that was quick!)


Don't worry, they won't hate you. I took Ami yesterday for her check-up and a bunch of shots. She hates them but still loves me, somehow they have that figured out :)


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