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Now that Twitterfeed has officially closed their doors, it's time to find a decent alternative to feed content from the Website to Social Media.

This means neither the Blog nor Community Forum will be feeding content to our Twitter and Facebook Pages until a viable alternative can be found.

For this test, Hootsuite is delivering content to our Twitter and Facebook Pages.


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So as it turns out, Hootsuite is one of the biggest money grabbing outfits there is as they want money for anything above 2 rss feeds.

At this time I have 3 sites and something like 50+ concurrent feeds that need servicing.

In the meantime please be advised that all Twitter feeds are down so no Website content will be fed to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Currently there is no free alternative that allows for free multi-site rss feeding to Twitter so the search is on to find the cheapest alternative.

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