Hosted Race Friday 9/10 Practice Pals & AI


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  • Spa

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Why don't we use this friday to give the hosted AI a go? Put up a race session and everyone can join and we'll all race each other and AI.

Since everyone has different tastes we can go for IMSA? Everyone can run GT3, GTE or Proto? Up for debate.

Who's down?


Great idea Daunt!!!!!!!!! I would definitely do this but I am headed out of town tomorrow morning for the weekend. I would have voted for SPA even though Long Beach is the obvious winner :rolleyes: But if you want to do this next Friday, I'll be around :)
I really like this idea and would really like to participate in something like this. BUT..... Like Brain said if I'm driving anything from now until the end of the 1000 its the V8 at Bathurst. I only have on average an hour or two just before I go to sleep on weekdays to practice so I have to devote that to the V8 for now. I really hope we can do this the on the 1st of October. After Bathurst I'm going to Kentucky for a family reunion Sept. 24th - 26th so Oct. 1st is the earliest I could do this.

Actually, looking at the Endurance calendar, this could be a good final race practice for Petit Le Mans.?!.?!
Yeah... i was gonna say we'll never have time for it because everyone will be prepping for the next enduro apparently.
I am up for this tonight! not fussed about the car as either the V8's or the IMSA series cars will be fun with some AI interference :D
I could host the AI community race the week leading up to Petit Le Mans. It will of course be IMSA class structure at Road Atlanta for some race practice for Petit Le Mans. I know some of us like to take the Friday off the day before endurance races. If some of you want to do it earlier in the week then I'll host a second one. Feedback?


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Why compromise. Not like anyone showed up anyways... (except for the guy on the otherside of the world...)
Ya sorry about that.

I just couldn't commit to anything because you and Paris put the fear of God in me about my Covid booster. It's a good thing too because I've literally been able to do nothing since getting it, including sleep all that well.

I thought it would be cake but after 2 or 3 laps at Hungaroring in the Porky my arm was twitching like crazy.


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