I finally replaced my old Intel 6 core with a new one

Just came off of the longest refinery shut-down I have ever been on and decided to upgrade the pc, after many posts here over the years saying how I was eventually going to do so. The old socket 1366 6 core is going into the HTPC, retiring the old socket 775 Core 2 Duo 8400 from that which is slow as fuck now with the latest windows 10 build (1803).

I didn't go for a bang for your buck system as I should have but whatever, the announcement of the Intel 8086K Coffee lake kinda had me drooling… not that its any different than the 8700K. My way of saying thanks to Intel for my old Atari and Intellivision when the original 8086 graced the hardware. Has it really been 35 - 40 years?

So anyhoo, I picked up an Asus Z-370 motherboard, Intel 8086K 6 core CPU, big assed aftermarket heatsink and 16 GB DDR4 @ 3200. Its definitely improved my frames, especially minimum frames it seems. I don't drop nearly as much as before, using BF1 as the benchmark. Picked up one of them M.2 drives for steam games (keeping W10 on original sata SSD for now), them little M2 drives are pretty neat.

I was going to hold off until the new 10nm arch is out but Intel just delayed it once again, seems they having some issues with it the last couple years and said "released sometime in 2019". Fuck that, I'm not waiting since it could be delayed another couple years. Throw in the absolute lack of support because socket 1366 is now 10 years old, time to move ahead.

I should be good for another 7 or 8 years! Yay!

...Until I need a new video card of course.
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Nice one Kitty now benchmark that sucker and lets see the results compared to your old PC. Would be interesting to compare if you have the same GPU.

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