I'm back? Don't know, at least I'm still alive and KICKING!

Hey guys'n'galls, it's been a while!

Even though few of you know I'm still alive on steam sometimes, even fewer of you know as to why I've been off the radar so much and so long but this is finally going to change.

As since this weekend I've came to the milestone of Pre-Alpha001 of the new game I'm creating: Lord of Laudanum, a loathed story in the desert. An mmorpg made with Unity and good scalable server backend.

You can see it quickly in action here: quick video of the terrain system in action

Or if you really want to see what I've been up to, head over to my website https://phuntecstudio.com and use voucher code: LAUDANUM4ALL to get a free Supporter Pack to get access to the game (only the first 250 and 5000spots maximum available).

I'm still on steam sometimes, but hangout most of the times on Discord, where I go by Patosh#8696 Hope to see you soon in this little crazy world I'm building, where nothing's what it seems and nothing will be ;)


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Hey Produx! It's certainly been a while since i've seen you on the forums.

Good to see where the absence led to(not that i didn't know)

I'll deffo have a go at LoL :p

We might be able to get a merry bunch together and have a play or some with a side of wobbly pops!
That would be awesome! also to make some great game play videos, everybody's welcome, at this moment there's still about 190 uses on that voucher code left, but in case it would be gone let me know on discord and I'll hook any one of you up with access to the game.
Cya soon!

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