Posting under Strategy since it's a puzzle game. Super fun game if you like challenging puzzles that make you wonder how the hell a level is even possible when you first start it.

Been playing and so far the only person I can compare my stats to is Shilka, need more peepz! It's fun by itself but with some competition in design efficiency I think it can be even more fun.

Trailer -

Quite a bit of fun eh, this game is actually good value for its current discount price.
With the latest puzzles I haven't been focussing on efficiency anymore, just on getting the job done (with a bit of focus on doing it fast). There's good replay value in redoing the puzzles in a more efficient way though, and trying out different designs.

I like how with the same blocks you can come up with all different sorts of solutions of problems you encounter during the production process. Fun game that once again proves that with some basic gameplay elements you can get very challenging gameplay that will make those rusty gears in your mind work for their money! :D
My solution to array#4: (click for animation)

Close up of the divider and welder process after an optimization edit (click for animation):
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Hey Quadro, promised you to post my solution for the Shuttle Maintenance puzzle, here it is:

Here's the first step: welding the 3 block propulsion units, gathering them in a set of 2 and then splitting them up to fall down at each side of the shuttle. Nothing special here, I guess you'll have a similar setup.

(click for animation)

Step 2: Since the shuttles arrive first I made a blocker stopping the shuttle. As soon as the second propulsion pod drops down an electronic eye is activated, which activates 2 pushers shoving them under the welder. The same sensor also retracts the blocker and the repaired shuttle goes towards delivery point. It's a reasonable compact setup, and the pushers allow for the pods to be dropped in from above without the top welders being in the way.

(click for animation)

Step 3: This was the main problem I had to solve on this level; the shuttles arrive faster then the new propulsion pods take to produce, so they end up back to front on the production line. Since the propulsion pods stick out on the rear you can't let all lined up shuttles just go through the welder continuously, since the rear of the propulsion pods will get welded to the shuttle behind it, welding all shuttles into one solid block.

My solution for this was to use pushers as blockers to keep the shuttles spaced out over the length of the production line. As soon as the first shuttle in line leaves the welding station they retract, as soon as the next shuttle arrives they extend again blocking all shuttles in line simultaneously, looking like this:

(click for animation)

All in all it works pretty good, and my stats are very acceptable; 155-172-95
(for comparison, your stats at the time of this post are: 652-187-126)

Wasn't actually too difficult, although keeping the shuttles spaced out needed some creative thinking. At first I made a system where the next shuttle would be shoved sideways behind a block to keep it on hold, then shoved back on the conveyor when it was their turn, but the current system I have with keeping all pods on hold along the entire length of the supply conveyor works faster and has less footprint as well (though it does use a couple more blocks).

Hoping it's inspiring for when you speed up your solution :)
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I went back and did mine while I was offline (So the results didn't get uploaded in time for you see them) in a way where I don't need to hold up the ones in the back... Mainly because I ran a default input rate :p So mine is slower but saved a lot of space.
I did mine in a way where I don't need to hold up the ones in the back... Mainly because I ran a default input rate :p So mine is slower but saved a lot of space.

Here's my better solution I came up with today before seeing how you did yours, my welding process is slightly different. 2015-12-26-21-11-02.gif
Yep, pretty cool how it is always a trade off. I started with speed on fastest, so you get extra problems to solve then. I really like your system of splitting up the propulsion blocks!
Good improvements!, and yeah, now I'm further in the game I'm thinking, why did I build it that way? However, on the first try I'm not really paying a lot of attenton to optimizing yet, for replay value purposes :) (good excuse he?)
It's a fun game for sure, love tinkering around with it. Down side is that 3.30 AM is a bad time to go to bed if you know your kid will wake you up at 7 AM again XD
It's 50% off now so definately a good time now.

Must say it is a very enjoyable and brain crunching experience for a game with an honestly very basic gameplay concept. Just a few building blocks and a simple goal can be very addictive as well. And once finished there is workshop to elongate gameplay indefinately as well.

Just checked and with 28 hours in I already had more then my moey's worth with this game :)

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