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Hey guys, this is something that we've been talking about for a long time, but since its come up again more recently, I figured I'd make a topic where people could compile some of their app.ini settings for others to try out!

For those of you who don't know where to find your iRacing app.ini file:
Use 'Notepad' or, better yet, 'Notepad++' to open/edit this file.

There is obviously a LOT in the app.ini file that is important to iRacing, so make sure to make a back up copy of your app.ini file before making any changes. Also, there are a lot of things in the app.ini file that only apply to YOUR pc/game, so rather then just uploading your whole app.ini file, please just pick out your desired lines and post your changes as;


Things that have been talked about so far include @Duke 's sound modification and @Noodleguitar 'look left/right' limit, although I can't get Noël's settings to affect my game... :(

I'll keep this top post updated with links to specific posts!

Thanks guys!


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Thanks for doing this Zac. We keep talking about it and I keep promising to do something about it and never do :oops:

For those interested, my sound setting makes your vehicles engine quieter by comparison to the cars around you. It really helps add immersion as by default (in my setup anyway) you can only hear a car when you're right beside them.

You should be able to hear a car as you approach them, pull beside them and even pass by them.

Just keep in mind you may need to adjust your ingame settings a bit to match. By default I have my settings ingame for engine sound a bit lower because I drive the Merc however my setting is a bit too low when I get in the Audi or McLaren for example.


Incidentally, I made the Notepad++ a link to their Download page.

I cannot recommend this program enough, it is far superior to any program out there when it comes to ensuring no hidden characters end up copy/pasted into your code.

It also has a very handy search feature "Ctrl + F" which will find ALL terms that include whatever criteria you add in the text box. It even highlights them all for easy visual identification.

I've been using this program for everything requiring coding from Website to ArmA Mission Coding and it works flawlessly every single time.
Notepad++ is pretty dated these days (but still works perfectly fine of course). For programmers text editors, most of us have moved on to Atom, Visual Studio Code and/or Sublime Text. I used Sublime Text for years but Atom and VSC have caught up to it in features and are free.

Visual Studio Code
Sublime Text


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Are they light weight as well Brainling or are they going to mire me in other shit like Macromedia used to do and Adobe does with their Creative Suite BS?
Nah, super duper lightweight. That's the entire idea, they are very light weight and plugin based. They have smaller footprints than NP++ does (at least Atom does, I think VSC is a touch larger out of the box).

e: Keep in mind also these are definitely programmers editors, for all the good and bad that implies. They are very lightweight and customizable and chock full of awesome text edity goodness...but they also don't have fancy configuration UI's and things like that. They expect you to be comfortable opening and using a command palette for things like installing plugins (albeit with auto-complete)


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...which is why I like Notepad++ as it's easy for anyone to use.

I used to use wysiwyg when I first started learning about .css, limited .php, etc. and absolutely hated everything Macromedia had. I got desperate and switched to MS Word for a week before I learned it would add special characters to code without you knowing it.

These were very early days for me lol.

I've been using Notepad++ for years now and love it's simplicity which is why I always recommend it.

I will try them though if they can help me in coding particularly my ongoing (and annoying) issues with missing punctuation ; } :mad:
reflapCarTransp=0.350000                    ; Set level of transparency for reference lap car.
Useful if you use the ghost car during replays. It can either be hard to see, or hard to see through, change between 0.0 and 1.0.

reduceFramerateWhenFocusLost=1             ; set this to 0 to maintain full framerate when another program has the keyboard focus
Useful if you play in windowed mode and you accidentally get pop ups, losing iRacing's focus.

[Pit Service]
autoResetFastRepair=0                       ; Automatically request fast repair service once your vehicle exits pit road
autoResetPitBox=0                           ; Automatically request full pit service once your vehicle exits pit road
Tires are not always necessary in a pit stop, so I'd like to have them off by default.

carLowHiPadding=0.250000                   ; How much clearance, front and back in meters, to give a car before reporting it as clear
muteSpotterIfLive=0                         ; Mute your spotter if you have a live spotter already spotting for you
reduceVerbosityIfLive=1                     ; Reduce the spotters chattiness if you have a live spotter already spotting for you
reportLapsEnabled=1                         ; Enable spotter calls out lap times
reportLapsMinute=1                         ; Call out the minute when calling the time
reportLapsMode_n=0                         ; Spotter calls out lap times, 0 - time, 1 - avg speed
reportLapsPrecision=1                       ; How much precision to display lap times with
Spotter calls. Adjust carLowHiPadding upwards if you're blindly trusting on your spotter saying "clear" before moving over. I like the bottom ones because I'm told a concise lap time (to a tenth) without having to look at my black box.

disableAtRaceStart=0                       ; If 1 disable the split time at start of race, you can manually enable it again later.
If you're like me and run with the delta bar on always, this will make it stop hiding whenever a race starts.

cockpitLookAngle=45.000000                 ; Angle in degrees to rotate head when looking left/right
cockpitLookInstant=0                       ; does digital look left/right/up/down switch instantly, or transition smoothly?
Restrict the looking left/right angle. Useful if the answer to "Hey, is that TrackIR you're using?" is "no" for you. The instant focus switch is a bit disorientating for me so I leave the animation on.
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So for those of you modding the sound in the app.ini are you running headphones? Speakers? Surround sound? I made this change and I'm not sure I noticed anything different, but maybe it's because I wear headphones?


Guys, this is pretty awesome!!!! I hope this works for the delta bar because I would love to have that on during race! Thanks!!!!!
Always trying to drag a bit more performance out of my PC (especially in VR), there is a thread in the iracing forums that is kept up to date when ever there are big changes to windows or some new VR stuff comes out.
A lot of the things in this thread apply to VR users specifically but there are quite a few things that might drag even more stability and performance out fo your PC for Monitor users as well!
The relevant information is all in the first post but you will need to read through the entire first post to see what applies to your own situation. I found a couple of things today that I had no idea about previously so hopefully this will help a few of you.
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