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This past week I finally took the time to get out of Rookie Class in Oval.

It was the perfect time as Rookie's were running Charlotte so all I had to do was grid toward the front and keep it clean.

In this race I botched the former but did well on the latter.



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Actually it was quite a good week.

Managed to get out of Rookie's with all 3 Race results being Wins.

Probably could have done it in 2 Races but took 2 needless offtracks.

I can honestly say though, the best way to get out of Rookie's appears to be grid at the front. Of the 3 Races I grid 5th, Pole and 2nd.

Even that's not good enough if cars are in close proximity.

If Drivers can hold their line and drive smoothly then keeping close is a good thing but if there's even one car moving around excessively and/or making erratic moves then stay a safe distance away.


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