iRacing Next Season - Series Suggestions

Hi guys and gals,

Currently I race the Skip Barber a lot on iRacing but looking to focus on something else next season but can't for the life of me decide and thought I would ask you for any suggestions.

Fire away ;)
I recently picked up the mx5 again and started racing in the advanced mazda cup. Mainly because of the extremely close racing. If you like the car i'd say drive it because you wont find better racing anywhere else.
Found a series to focus on for next season in the shape of the Formula Renault after doing some races with the car at Spa this week. Also thanks for the suggestions which I appreciate :)
I might have a look at Formula Renault myself, or the Porsche perhaps, jumped into my first (sprint) race for ages, in the shape of GT3. its just a little bit to arcardey for me now I think, lots of un-needed contact, fun race , but all went wrong on the white flag (saw it coming tbh :D )
Going to give the Porsche and Renault a little shakedown before the end of the season before I decide. Think I will save GT3 for League and Endurances.
Glad you found something to drive next season @Ryan Walker
Do we know what track we will be running in Friday? Maybe to put for vote few and soon? If people think we run Snetterton we will have 1.5 people :D


I think I can race tomorrow and will be on my home computer, so hopefully no issues :cool: Snetterton is fine or some other track, whatever everyone wants to do.

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