issues connecting to iracing sessions

Today I am having what seems like major CPU issues only when connecting to iracing, once I have clicked the "join session " button, everything seems to come to a grinding halt, my CPU cranks around to 100% like it is trying to do a thousand things at once and if I eventually get into the session things settle down.
It took me 10 minutes to finally get into a 20 minute qually session just now and I am a bbit stumped to what is causing this.
Not sure where to start looking. any clue anybody please ? :)
Wasn't a similar thing happening to Marc earlier today on his Iracing stream?
Not even sure yet, when I eventually managed to get task manager open I has a big orange 100% at the top of the CPU and everything hung, my VR stopped responding, and even my wheel wouldn't work while trying to load the sim.
Switching off my wheel helped a little but I cannot switch off VR without the sim closing with it so I just had to wait, I could hear USB items turning on and off also.
Turning off TS helped quite a lot as well as turning off Discord, this is far from ideal though as all these things still had to be turned back on once loaded in. I have the feeling I need some updates on a few things so I will go through all my drivers and what not today and see what happens from there.
Note that it is only iRacing that has caused this massive hang
I just wiped my whole PC and started over... ¯\(°_o)/¯

I was considering doing a wipe on my pc but I need to do a focused backup of a lot of things, particularly OBS as I have stuff in there that I am not even sure of! Probably will at some point though.
One thing I was seeing in task manager was system interrupts at 100% usage, which along with the USB noises going on and off lead me to disconnecting all my devices and re seating them. So maybe some issues with my powered USB hubs (I have yet to have a really reliable one of these in my whole time with PC's but I need them!)

sorry if this post seems a bbit disjointed but the forum "OOPS sorry'd" me out when I tried to post and then I couldn't even reload the forum for another hour.....
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Sounds like different issues. Mine was Windows Defender and other Windows apps combining to use over 60% of my CPU. Closing programs made no difference, TS was never open, and my USB's never made a noise.

The only thing I could think of was a/were bad file(s), something Windows Defender was having issues, or maybe even a virus/malware issue, so I deleted everything except my pictures folder.

I already had started over with OBS, and knew then I should have started fresh in SLOBS, so that is what I did this time.
Well I hope you got your issues fixed with the reinstall, super frustrating when the CPU caps out like that, My USB re seating seems to have sorted things things out (I am at least not getting the USB noises any more)

I would like to use SLOBS but it doesn't have the VR integration so sticking with studio for now, I will also look into getting some sturdier USB hubs, fingers crossed!
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