Just watch this... Incredible footage


Taking away the political opinions we may have of the "war" in Afghanistan just check out how brave/nuts this soldier is. He's taking point and get's hit four times and his Rifle shot out of his hand (bullet hole goes through his Grenade Launcher tube). Thanks to cumbersome but ultimately life saving body armour he survives.

Interesting to see how they are trained to draw fire away from their squad so they can withdraw, as they were pinned down under LMG fire, his job in this scenario is just to draw attention to himself and get shot at by the Taliban... They really don't get paid enough!

Man it is INTENSE... no levelling up, no respawns, no next round.

I bet he has big brass ones that goes "clank clank" when he walks..

Seriously though, that must have been the loneliest fucking feeling to cower behind that rock, screaming for help. I wonder if the adrenaline kick made it worth it.


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