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Apologies for the extended downtime here folks but it's taken an exorbitant amount of time to get back to a place where I can stream.

Given the size of this new PC I remain in a somewhat fluid state of finalizing the build as I have no idea where I'm actually going to put it.

I'm also waiting on Authy to approve changes to my Two Factor Authentication so I can actually login via XSPlit to my Twitch Channel.

Hopefully this is completed this week as I'd love to be streaming as early as Friday Dec 14.

Should anything change I'll update here.


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Authy finally approved my phone number change so now the work begins getting back up and running.

I loaded XSPlit last night and of course none of my scenes load as all sources are now completely different so it'll be interesting to see how long that takes to get up and running.

Currently I remain unsure of whether or not I'll be online tonight (Wed Dec 12) but I may be online to a limited extent Thursday night.



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Did some test streaming last night and have some pesky settings to iron out.

Also need to get the Webcam and remaining peripherals up and running as well.

Thanks for the feedback last night to those who happened upon the test stream.

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