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So as some of you may know, I stream to Twitch on a regular basis.

As of Holiday Season 2017 I've added a Webcam, tested multiple Bot solutions, added B2O Streamer Banners for Members who stream regularly, create unique ingame scenes some of which now have animated backgrounds for the Webcam, etc.

...but honestly I'm never truly happy with my offering so I'm always trying to push the envelope, engage my viewers more and continually improve so as to entertain as much as possible.

One area that's been lacking IMO is my sub-standard notification system which brings us to this topic.

As of Friday July 27, 2018 testing has begun on a revamped "truly Canadian" notification system an example of which can be seen here:

The goal is to serve unique notifications like this for every alert such as New Follows, New Subs, Re-Subs, Cheers, Raids and Hosts.

...also, I intend to draw them out as long as possible because annoying is half the fun for me.

The only thing I ask is you please keep in mind these are my first steps into animating which is why they're so clunky. Over time I hope to evolve to much smoother animations but for now it's better something than nothing.
The moose gets the P seal of approval! I like the way you think it's going then it comes back for a final eyeball before it leaves heh heh

I admire you for having a proper run at this Twitch thing, good on ya. It's looking more and more pro as you go on. Well done :)


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Now that the Follow notification has been added it's time to work on all other notifications.

This time around we're testing Cheer Notifications. Unfortunately it didn't work out as originally planned as I hoped to integrate it with the Cheer Glass you see on some streams. The problem with the Cheer Glass catcher is it's a laggy mess and I see it help drop frames even on streams with dedicated streaming PC's.

So I'm forced to create my own Cheer Drop but for now I only have the Moose partially ready: (animation over Car/Webcam area)

Eventually what will happen is this notification will be either shorter or longer based off the amount being Cheered.

Smaller amounts will have him animate an appropriate amount of time and drop bits from either his hoof with larger coming out of an upturned Mug, Jug or something. The higher the Cheer the longer the animation and the more Bling he'll be wearing.

Bling will be likely be added in quantities of 100 and start with sunglasses, then clothing, then a suit, then a tuxedo, then tophat, then gold watch then cigar (or some such progression).
hahaha love that! reminds me of that moose tune I made for you ages ago! feel free to use that by the way if you want and feel like you could integrate it in to the twitch notifications :)

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