KRONE DLC coming for ETS2


SCS has announced that they will be adding KRONE trailers in a dedicated DLC in the future. There is no release date planned yet, but I'm looking forward to having more trailers available in game! :)

I'll make sure to keep you updated on this DLC here ;)


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Ya saw this on Twitter yesterday, great news indeed.

I wonder if this means the beginning of actual trailer companies making their way in? It would be really cool to see companies like Great Dane, Lode King, K-Line, etc.
Yep, this is actually the second trailer company. The first trailer DLC is the Schwarzmüller DLC.
Wth SCS and their player base becoming larger and larger they are becoming a more interesting partner of course, and it's win win for the companies. They get paid for licenses, and free advertising on top of it ;)
If ATS will have similar DLC is hard to predict. So far, getting the American licenses has proved to be much harder then the European ones....


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I would like to see a side-by-side comparison in Time vs. Cost between Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning, as well as the difference in accuracy. The gap between the two isn't as wide as it used to be, due to 3D scanners getting cheaper, but there has to be a reason SCS hasn't gone that route, already..

Maybe, like me with GIMP, SCS just keeps doing things the way they know how to do them because they don't see a reason to change, or relearn.
Photogrammetry is still cheaper by default, and easier to upgrade (as photogrammetry usually upgrades software wise, while upgrades for laser scanning usually means new hardware) Laser scanning is more precise, but photogrammetry provides better photo-realism.
I assume SCS will also receive technical 3D data from the manufacturer anyway, so I guess for SCS that means that getting better textures is more important to them then getting better 3D measurements when doing these things. In short, they mostly use the photogrammetry for properly overlaying the photo's on a 3D model, then for making the model itself.

Just my guess though.

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