Late Models - What are they? (S1apSh0es made another video!)


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I made a post last year recommending the SK Modified's as a good entry to the oval-side of iRacing, if anyone ever had the interest, and I do mean that. They're the easiest cars to drive in tiny circles. Along with that post, I included a Youtube video from "S1apSh0es" explaining what the heck a modified is, and how did they become what they are today. I have always found the evolution of cars over the years fascinating.

Well, this week S1ap did it again, this time explaining "What Exactly is a Late Model?" The first race my dad ever took me to was an ASA Late Model race at Hawkeye Downs Speedway in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The only late models that I've seen since have been on dirt. The ASA series died, and so with it went a lot of the Iowa late model scene. Hawkeye Downs was the only asphalt oval in the state of Iowa until the construction of Iowa Speedway in 2007, and while it still continues to host Late Models and Super Late Models weekly through-out the summer, I'd literally pass half-a-dozen dirt tracks in one trip to Cedar Rapids, if not more. Even though I've raced both the asphalt Late Model and the Super Late Model in iRacing, I'd be lying if I told you I knew what the differences between the two were, other than one is a little bit chunky and slow, and the other is sleek and fast (for 6 laps until you burn the teenie-weenie tyres off the damned thing...). And then Ty Majeski posted on Twitter this year that he was going "Late Model Stock Car" racing... For a guy that climbed his way through LM/SLM's all the way to the NASCAR Truck Series, running a "LMSC" seemed like a weird move. And how is " of the most accomplished super late model competitors of the last decade..." suddenly making a "Late Model Debut"?

(This was literally an active link Yesterday, linking an article about Majeski "...Making Late Model Debut". Here is a virtually similar article.)

...he won in his first attempt, btw, because.. of course he does.. !

So if you want to know more about the evolution of "Late Models" and how the heck we got to these cars, check it out!
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