Week 3 Track Selection

  • [iRacing Official] Donington Park - Grand Prix

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  • Donington Park - National

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Week 3 of League takes us to Donington Park Racing Circuit. It has been a slow start to the season, but thanks to Noël for hosting the sessions so far this season. Lets try to get the participation back up this week!

Don't forget that you still have three weeks to try out different cars, in league, before you are locked to one! Also, there is a track vote included this week! Some people enjoy the hairpin at Donington (GP), others prefer to skip it (Nat'l), so pick the one you like!

League Format:

League consists of 3 sessions as follows:
  1. Open Qualify Session: Full Fuel - 7:30 PM EDT (60 minutes). Drivers must record a clean lap within 103% of the fastest recorded lap time. Those who cannot do so are placed at the tail end of the field for the Qualify Race.
  2. Qualify Race (Inverse Grid "Opt In"): Full Fuel - 8:30 PM EDT (30 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 20 minute Sprint Race). "Opt In" Inverse Grid based off results from Open Qualifier. Drivers outside of the 103% rule are automatically placed at the tail end of the field. (No Pit Stop)
  3. Main Race (Grid determined by Qualify Race): Full Fuel - 9:10 PM EDT (60 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 50 minute Race). Grid is set by results from Qualify Race. One Pit Stop is required for tires only at the 25 minute mark.
Pit Window: 5 minutes in duration. Drivers must pit for tires within this window or incur a penalty. Pit Stop is only required in the Main Race.

Fast Repair: One fast repair is available. If taken outside of Pit Window Driver must perform a drive through penalty within Pit Window.


Championship Standings

What makes Band of Others League unique is our ongoing commitment to provide scoring options that allow Drivers of all pace to score well.

All bonuses (and penalties) are geared toward rewarding people for clean driving and participation.

Scoring is % based on number of laps completed. All Drivers must complete 90% of the Leaders laps to achieve maximum points.

Qualify Race Scoring: Positions 1 - 10 score. First place scores 10 points for race win with each lesser position scoring less one point. Race winner is also afforded 1 bonus point for race win.

Main Race Scoring: Race winner is scored 50 points + 1 bonus point, all positions following are scored -1 point from the previous position.

Bonuses: Qualify and Main Race only.
  • + 1 point for Race winner.
  • + 3 points for Race finish.
  • + 5 points for Race finish with 0 incident points.
  • + 10 points for 8 Race participation (proposed) Test Season Only
  • + 10 points for 16 Race participation (proposed) Test Season Only
  • + 25 points for referring a friend (proposed) Test Season Only. NOTE: Both Driver and friend MUST complete 8 Race minimum for either to score bonus.
  • - 3 points for every 10 incidents.
  • Car contact resulting in loss of control (drive through penalty).

NOTE: All drive through penalties MUST be served within 3 laps of offence.

Open Setups:

If you have a good setup please post it here.

If you are unwilling or unable to share your setup with other League Drivers then you are not permitted to use it during League events.

Car Selection:

All Drivers have until Week 4 to test different cars and still be scored in League.

Starting Week 5 you must commit to one car for the remainder of the Season else you will not score points.

After Week 5, you are allowed to change your car at any time in the season, but you will forfeit any points scored in a race not completed in your Week 5 car.

Track Selection:

B2O Blancpain Sprint Series attempts to follow the official iRacing Blancpain Sprint Series for its seasonal schedule. However, we may hold a poll offering track/layout changes due to the following conditions:
  • Our ongoing commitment to encourage close and competitive racing means we may offer a shorter version of a race track to keep the cars closer together. For example if the official series is at "Suzuka - Grand Prix" Layout, we may offer the choice to run the "Suzuka - East" or "Suzuka - West" layouts to keep the cars closer together.
  • Some tracks are disliked or not owned by a large portion of the community so we may fall back on a community favorite.
  • IMPORTANT: The Official iRacing BSS track of that week will ALWAYS be the Default track for the B2O Blancpain Sprint Series. This track will ALWAYS be included as Polling Option #1.
See you on the track
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So! should be able to make this one (time and sleep allowing :D ) as when I went for my surgery today the guy who went in first decided he would have "complications" which tied up my surgeon for the afternoon so I have to go back next week instead (some people eh? no consderation!)

P.s I hope he is ok ;)
So! should be able to make this one (time and sleep allowing :D ) as when I went for my surgery today the guy who went in first decided he would have "complications" which tied up my surgeon for the afternoon so I have to go back next week instead (some people eh? no consderation!)

P.s I hope he is ok ;)
The manners of that guy! They should make you fill out a binding form on which you have to select whether you are going to have complications or not.
noooo , who voted for that boring ass config without the hairpin!! , its the best part! National is just one big oval (shameless push for GP)
noooo , who voted for that boring ass config without the hairpin!! , its the best part! National is just one big oval (shameless push for GP)
I don't mind the hairpin but for me on a single screen, seeing the apex of the last corner is about as rare as a UFO sighting.


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I'm really sorry here all but my plans too have changed and there is simply no way I can make it tonight.

I'll be back on Monday for #PracticPals but will likely remain sporadic (at best) until the 3rd week in April.

@Noodleguitar or @Skid_Marc_ can you please host tonight's sessions?
Since this is still the most recent league thread (I think):

Here is the "Nordschleife in different PC games" comparison thread over at Race Department, which was a topic in TeamSpeak today.

Also, since the paint I'm currently running came up again - and I think I kinda left the question about the character on it unanswered the last time (I still need to get better at this whole multitasking the driving/talking/translating stuff) (Warning, weird rabbit hole ahead ;)):
The paint is a replica of a livery by the Goodsmile Racing Team, which they used during the 24h of Spa last year as part of the Blancpain Endurance Series (or intended to run, until the car crashed in a practice session because of a suspension failure while driving through Eau Rouge - they did take part in the race, but only a door was left of the original livery). I didn't make the paint, but it is available on TP.

The name of the "anime girl" on the side (as well as on the other Goodsmile paints I was using) is Miku Hatsune. Technically speaking, it is a personification of a specific voice bank for a software called "Vocaloid", which is a singing voice synthesizer. Miku is one of a couple of voice banks sold by Crypton Future Media. There are a quite a few voice banks with some sort of personifications by different companies around, but Miku is the most well known. You can make music and let these Vocaloids sing the lyrics.

Goodsmile, the main sponsor of the mentioned team, sells various merchandise and figures from different franchises, including Vocaloid related stuff, which is probably the reason why Miku ended up on race cars since 2008 (primary seen in the Japanese Super GT series). And I like the paints they came up with.

The music created with Vocaloids have a relative big following over in Japan, AFAIK. These anime characters even have their own live concerts with a live band. Which looks like this (if the linked videos show up):

Magical Mirai 2016 - Hatsune Miku - Baby Maniacs -Eight Mix- (assuming it is not blocked in your country due to music licenses being a mess in this world):

Different character, different concert, same concept:
Magical Mirai 2015 - Kagamine Rin - The Lost One's Weeping (same license note)

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