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A great start, despite a difficult track, last week at Motegi!

This week we're on to the 4.299 km (2.671 mile) 13-turn "Circuit Park Zandvoort - Grand Prix"!

Round 1 - Twin Ring Motegi East Circuit Q M
Round 2 - Circuit Park Zandvoort Grand Prix Circuit
Round 3 - Road Atlanta Full Circuit
Round 4 - Interlagos (Autódromo José Carlos Pace) Grand Prix
Round 5 - Belle Isle Detroit Grand Prix**
Round 6 - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Endurance Pits**
Round 7 - Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
Round 8 - Suzuka Circuit Grand Prix
Round 9 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course
Round 10 - Watkins Glen International Boot
Round 11 - Circuit Zolder Grand Prix
Round 12 - Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit

**Round 5 and Round 6 will be reversed, due to the iRacing 24 Hours of Spa taking place the weekend of Week 6.

Remember that you have four weeks to try different cars before you are locked into using just one! Also, don't forget about #PracticePals every Monday and Wednesday night (8:00 PM EDT / 0100 GMT)

Circuit Park Zandvoort is built in the sand dunes along the North Sea, giving it a very unique look, and contributing to some rapid elevation changes, despite the "compact" nature of the track. Designed by 1927 Le Mans winner Sydney Charles Houghton Davis, the track originally opened in 1948. The track was a permanent circuit that partially used existing roads and was 4.252 km (2.642 miles) in length. Despite being shorter than today's 4.3km layout, the track covered almost twice the area, gaining popularity among F1 drivers for it's number of fast sweeping corners, banking, and elevation, totaling 7.92 meters, or 26', vertically). The track played host to four Formula 1 races in the 1950's ('50*, '52*, '53, and '55), before becoming a permanent part of the F1 schedule in 1958 through 1985.

Unfortunately, the southern edge of the layout ran very close to a residential development in the local city of Zandvoort, Netherlands. Due to noise pollution, and other issues hindering the development and upgrading of the circuit, the track was closed in 1985. Although the track was threatened to be closed permanently, a new management group was found and the track was preserved. In 1989, the old part of the track was turned into a recreational park, utilized mostly by local football and hockey clubs, while the track was quickly remodeled into a 2.6km "Club Circuit" (What we ran last season in the iRacing Porsche GT3 Cup Series).

In 1995, the track received a green light to build a Grand Prix circuit, and the new track was completed in 2001, reveling the full 4.252km circuit we have today. The track played host to yearly visits from DTM and A1GP, and is still the home of DTM, ADAC GT Masters, and the "RTL Masters of Formula 3", where teams from all Formula 3 series around the world can come to compete against each other on the same track.

In 2013 and 2015 the track also played host to a 24-hour bike (cycle) race!

2017 ADAC GT Masters (GT3) Qualifying 1 (Provisional Pole): 1:35.704 - Jean-Marc Gounon - Corvette C7 GT3
Race Lap Record: 1:22.849 - Klaas Zwart - Jaguar R5 F1 (2014 BOSS GP Series)

*The 1950 and 1952 Formula 1 races were run as part of that season's Formula 1 World Championship schedule, but were run to Formula 2 regulations.

League Format:

League consists of 3 sessions as follows:
  1. Open Qualify Session: Full Fuel - 7:30 PM EDT (60 minutes). Drivers must record a clean lap within 103% of the fastest recorded lap time. Those who cannot do so are placed at the tail end of the field for the Qualify Race.
  2. Qualify Race (Inverse Grid "Opt In"): Full Fuel - 8:30 PM EDT (30 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 20 minute Sprint Race). "Opt In" Inverse Grid based off results from Open Qualifier. Drivers outside of the 103% rule are automatically placed at the tail end of the field. (No Pit Stop)
  3. Main Race (Grid determined by Qualify Race): Full Fuel - 9:10 PM EDT (60 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 50 minute Race). Grid is set by results from Qualify Race. One Pit Stop is required for tires only at the 25 minute mark.
Pit Window: 5 minutes in duration. Drivers must pit for tires within this window or incur a penalty. Pit Stop is only required in the Main Race.

Fast Repair: One fast repair is available. If taken outside of Pit Window Driver must perform a drive through penalty within Pit Window.


Championship Standings

What makes Band of Others League unique is our ongoing commitment to provide scoring options that allow Drivers of all pace to score well.

All bonuses (and penalties) are geared toward rewarding people for clean driving and participation.

Scoring is % based on number of laps completed. All Drivers must complete 90% of the Leaders laps to achieve maximum points.

Qualify Race Scoring: Positions 1 - 10 score. First place scores 10 points for race win with each lesser position scoring less one point. Race winner is also afforded 1 bonus point for race win.

Main Race Scoring: Race winner is scored 50 points + 1 bonus point, all positions following are scored -1 point from the previous position.

Bonuses: Qualify and Main Race only.
  • + 1 point for Race winner.
  • + 3 points for Race finish.
  • + 5 points for Race finish with 0 incident points.
  • + 10 points for 8 Race participation (proposed) Test Season Only
  • + 10 points for 16 Race participation (proposed) Test Season Only
  • + 25 points for referring a friend (proposed) Test Season Only. NOTE: Both Driver and friend MUST complete 8 Race minimum for either to score bonus.
  • - 3 points for every 10 incidents.
  • Car contact resulting in loss of control (drive through penalty).

NOTE: All drive through penalties MUST be served within 3 laps of offence.

Open Setups:

If you have a good setup please post it here.

If you are unwilling or unable to share your setup with other League Drivers then you are not permitted to use it during League events.

Car Selection:

All Drivers have until Week 4 to test different cars and still be scored in League.

Starting Week 5 you must commit to one car for the remainder of the Season else you will not score points.

After Week 5, you are allowed to change your car at any time in the season, but you will forfeit any points scored in a race not completed in your Week 5 car.

See you on the track!
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