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  • [iRacing BSS Official] Sebring International Raceway - International Course

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  • Sebring International Raceway - Modified Course

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  • Sebring International Raceway - Club Course

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Sebring International Raceway is considered to be the oldest road course in the United States that still continues operations today. The track is also unique, among other tracks constructed on operational airports (Edmonton, St. Petersburg, or Burke Lakefront) in that it allows Sebring Regional Airport to remain fully operational regardless of on-track activities.
Constructed on "Hendricks Field", a World War II Army Airbase designed to train B-17 pilots for the war, Sebring hosted its first race on New Year's Eve 1950. In 1952, the first "12 Hours of Sebring" was held, and the event has been repeated every year since, with the exception of 1974 where it was suspended due to the energy crisis.
While most of the track's 17-turn 6.02km length has been paved with asphalt, the track still utilizes 1.1km of the original 1940's concrete runway, from Sunset Bend to Turn 1.
Although the 12 hour endurance race is the only major race event held each year, aside from historic and club events, the track still acts as a test bed to several large series' such as NASCAR, Indycar, Pirelli World Challenge, Trans-Am, and the FIA World Endurance Championship, due to the incredible amount of abuse and wear the track's abrasive and bumpy surface places on both drivers and equipment.

Fast Repair management was an issue last week during the main race for a few drivers. We don't add fuel during our races, so it may not be normal for you to check your FUEL tab during the race, but I highly recommend that you UNCHECK your fast repair (Located at the bottom of the FUEL window) at the start of the race! If you don't uncheck/use your fast repair before the pit-stop, then iRacing will automatically use your quick-repair during the pit-stop if you have any damage (Even if it is just 3-6 seconds!) leaving you with no QR if you do wreck after the pit-stop like I did.
Also note that if you have changed your app.ini file to automatically uncheck all of the tyres at the start of the race, it does NOT change the QR. You still need to manually uncheck the QR.

Just make sure, if you do wreck, to recheck your QR before you reach your pit stall, or else you won't get the chance to use it..

It was a great turnout at a tough track last week at Road Atlanta! Really appreciate everyone who showed up, and hope to see you all again this week!

League Format:

League consists of 3 sessions as follows:
  1. Open Qualify Session: Full Fuel - 7:30 PM EST (60 minutes). Drivers must record a clean lap within 103% of the fastest recorded lap time. Those who cannot do so are placed at the tail end of the field for the Qualify Race.
  2. Qualify Race (Inverse Grid "Opt In"): Full Fuel - 8:30 PM EST (30 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 20 minute Sprint Race). "Opt In" Inverse Grid based off results from Open Qualifier. Drivers outside of the 103% rule are automatically placed at the tail end of the field. (No Pit Stop)
  3. Main Race (Grid determined by Qualify Race): Full Fuel - 9:10 PM EST (60 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 50 minute Race). Grid is set by results from Qualify Race. One Pit Stop is required for tires only at the 25 minute mark.
Pit Window: 5 minutes in duration. Drivers must pit for tires within this window or incur a penalty. Pit Stop is only required in the Main Race.

Fast Repair: One fast repair is available. If taken outside of Pit Window Driver must perform a drive through penalty within Pit Window.


(Will Add Championship Standing When New Season Is Created)

What makes Band of Others League unique is our ongoing commitment to provide scoring options that allow Drivers of all pace to score well.

All bonuses (and penalties) are geared toward rewarding people for clean driving and participation.

Scoring is % based on number of laps completed. All Drivers must complete 90% of the Leaders laps to achieve maximum points.

Qualify Race Scoring: Positions 1 - 10 score. First place scores 10 points for race win with each lesser position scoring less one point. Race winner is also afforded 1 bonus point for race win.

Main Race Scoring: Race winner is scored 50 points + 1 bonus point, all positions following are scored -1 point from the previous position.

Bonuses: Qualify and Main Race only.
  • + 1 point for Race winner.
  • + 3 points for Race finish.
  • + 5 points for Race finish with 0 incident points.
  • + 10 points for 8 Race participation (proposed) Test Season Only
  • + 10 points for 16 Race participation (proposed) Test Season Only
  • + 25 points for referring a friend (proposed) Test Season Only. NOTE: Both Driver and friend MUST complete 8 Race minimum for either to score bonus.
  • - 3 points for every 10 incidents.
  • Car contact resulting in loss of control (drive through penalty).

NOTE: All drive through penalties MUST be served within 3 laps of offence.

Open Setups:

If you have a good setup please post it here.

If you are unwilling or unable to share your setup with other League Drivers then you are not permitted to use it during League events.

Car Selection:

All Drivers have until Week 4 to test different cars and still be scored in League.

Starting Week 5 you must commit to one car for the remainder of the Season else you will not score points.

After Week 5, you are allowed to change your car at any time in the season, but you will forfeit any points scored in a race not completed in your Week 5 car.

Track Selection:

B2O Blancpain Sprint Series attempts to follow the official iRacing Blancpain Sprint Series for its seasonal schedule. However, we may hold a poll offering track/layout changes due to the following conditions:
  • Our ongoing commitment to encourage close and competitive racing means we may offer a shorter version of a race track to keep the cars closer together. For example if the official series is at "Suzuka - Grand Prix" Layout, we may offer the choice to run the "Suzuka - East" or "Suzuka - West" layouts to keep the cars closer together.
  • Some tracks are disliked or not owned by a large portion of the community so we may fall back on a community favorite.
  • IMPORTANT: The Official iRacing BSS track of that week will ALWAYS be the Default track for the B2O Blancpain Sprint Series. This track will ALWAYS be included as Polling Option #1.
See you on the track :)
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I hated Sebring before our endurance race there last year. I love it now. It's a touchy track to come to grips with, but once you do, I think it's fascinating to drive.
I don't hate Twin Ring. It's fun enough in the GTE car.

I think I finally found the GT3 car I can stomach, at least at Sebring: The Audi. Did a fuel stint in it just now and was 3 seconds a lap quicker than I was in the Merc and the car felt way more planted under me. Something about the Merc just felt very unstable to me. Clearly my setup was screwed up with that kind of delta...the Audi just felt immediately better. Looks like I'm driving for the 4-rings tonight.
Sry Deb for contact,I slowed down more because you,car in front, what is normal but It wasnt enough,you where little slower there so I needed to dive inside or crash,I chose to dive :) so sry

Here is first race and Happy holidays guys,enjoy and see you next race :)

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Absolutely NP, Denis, very tight racing :)

Is it Hans you are saying is dragging brake pedal? May need to reconfig brake setting in iracing. In fact, I was wondering if that was an issue on my fuel usage, like throttle needs to be reconfig'd.
Yes Deb,on his stream he is dragging brake,1-2%,not good of course.

You had 2 gallons I think left in the tank,I had 5.5 left and Im bad on fuel consumption.
I can check on VRS what are you doing but I think its similar to Bedo style of driving.
Maybe is not,maybe you need to check throttle pedal but I suspect its just to much throttle inputs like mid corner throttle,maintenance throttle and things like that,I will check if I can now with free subs.I believe its just throttle to stabilize the car if you were on wing 1,way to low for Sebring my dear :)
If not Volker is good for that,he will know so I will ask him to check if I cant

Bedo said he use 20L on Nords,that is 5L more than usual and you cant do 8 laps like that and you are in disadvantage at the start like that but he did said that he managed to use 15L with saving so that is good.Driving style is hard to change,Im doing few mistakes with my driving,I know that and Its hard to change that for me,I want to change but it is soooo hard
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Okay, if you or Volker see anything in VRS let me know. Wyatt had told me I was on the brake and throttle at the same time on some turns a while back ago and I have tried to avoid that since he pointed it out. I will use it occasionally to try to stablize the car, but try not to generally.

So, now important question. If the car seemed stable at 1 wing in cooler weather on Sebring, why is that way too low? Don't assume I know much about setups, so give me something to think about, i like that :)
It is to low because you cant use advantage of low wing,not long straight for that on Sebring.Straight ends on the point where if its longer you would start pulling away from me if I am on wing 5 or 4,but its not so no point of running that low wing.With higher wing car is much more stable,you can go early on throttle and all in all I was happy.You could see Noel could not catch me even he was close to me and he was on 3 I think.You were next to me when we was 3 wide,you wasnt that much faster than me,you remember?He started to catch me on the very end of the straight when its to late and I with higher wing could go so early on full throttle in 1st and last turn and surprisingly in low speed corners I could go early on full throttle.I was on wing 4 second race,wing 5 first.

You know I like low wing,Daytona -3 or -4,Road Atalanta 3,Spa 2 because it was cold.Monza -3 -4 etc but here no long straights for that,longest straight is just to short for low wing advantage.Of course you cant have to high also,some balance is needed and from what I saw in practice is that Im faster on low wing on straight,Im little faster on that straight but at the very end of the straight and with higher wing I was faster in almost every other corner on the track.

So in default or hotter, I think 5 is ok,in colder 3 or 4,I wouldnt go lower than 3 on this track but that is me,maybe somebody can go early on throttle on wing 1 and fast in last or 1st turn on wing 1,I cant.Especially on older tires in default weather

Keep in mind,adding wing you are not adding downforce just on rear,you are adding downforce on the front also but downforce balance is shifted more to the rear
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I checked Deb,ufff girl :(

You are dragging that throttle all the time,why is that?For example first corner on Nurburing,absolutely no need to drag throttle there,especially not 30% of the throttle :O

I can understand you drag 5% for example on the entry of the slowest corner on Nords,downhill and If you feel car wants to step out,then ok,just a little but this is so wrong my Deb.

And in almost every corner is like this,I wonder how car stop when you brake with so much throttle
EDIT-Im sorry,it is not almost,it is every corner on VLN layout,I couldnt find corner where you are off the throttle :O

This is wrong Deb,I thought you are dragging in some corners and like 5% tops,but not this,this is no needed and to much.
Look,this is first corner on Nurburing and your line,your throttle input is red,my is blue,unreal :)
Check how it looks,on hard braking zone you have 30% of the throttle :O


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Wow, okay, thanks Denis!!!! I will look at that, I don't realize I am still on the throttle that much. :( Very, very interesting. Well, I guess that explains the fuel issue.

On the wing, what you said makes sense. Started practicing on Daytona last night and fastest at -1 but didn't take it down further.

Looks like I have lots to work on over my Christmas vacation :)


Maybe when we drive again, we can discuss more. I looked at the telemetry for the entire Nord and you are definitely off the throttle quickly and brake softer than I do. I would like to understand more since it seems in some corners pulling off the throttle completely upsets the balance of the car. Seems like on some of the faster corners particularly, if I lift completely, I loose grip. But then I see in some corners, I could brake less and lift sooner rather than bleeding the throttle.
I have problem sometimes that Im not using full brake potential as I should,that is mainly in not important races.In important its little better but I found that I use to it and now its hard to switch back so I need to push myself to use full brake potential all the time so I can do that automatically all the time.
You should brake initially hard and the bleeding brake how downforce and grip drops
I usually brake to soft initial and I need to change that.
Of course, you cant press brake on 100% if you are going 60mph,ABS will kick in and you will stop slower
If your ABS kicks all the time you are braking wrong,it can kick but not every single time.
Soon as I fell ABS Im bleeding brakes and if ABS kicks in all the time your braking distance will be longer

If the car is unstable without throttle on braking maybe setup is bad,setup is set for throttle input on braking,to low diff or you need to learn how to do that proper,It will be hard now to learn you know that?To much time you braked with throttle
Very important is how you come off the brakes,soo important,If you brake hard and you lift fast on entry you will get understeer because you unload front tires to fast,that is why we trail brake,to have load on front tires
And If you lift to fast and then you press brake again mid corner because you got understeer you can get oversteer easy

Its really hard for me to explain on english but I tried,that must count :)
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Yes, I have also noticed that Denis doesn't brake hard. I often find myself using more brakes, and probably the ABS but I feel in GT3 cars it doesn't matter that much. I find it hard to find the right balance between using maximum braking power and preventing ABS from kicking in. Like he says, it's not as important during busy racing. In traffic I often only use 20-30% brakes because I can't be sure where they driver in front of me will start braking.

Also, real drivers say they push the brake with full power when starting to brake and then bleed off, similar to high-downforce cars. In iRacing's GT3 cars it seems you need to brake more at a constant pressure.

Dragging the brakes before and during corners could definitely explain your fuel usage and if you can get out of the habit I'm sure it will make cornering less difficult and therefore you could go faster. I know a fast Finnish driver also used throttle to stabilize his McLaren but he only used about 5-10% during the braking zone (in combination with a crazy brake bias).

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