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Well the results are in and... they're REALLY close! Huge tip of the cap to @afroducks for trying so hard on Friday to recover from an unfortunate cone-flip, but I think it's safe to claim @Arjuna Kankipati the Season 4 Champion!

It was really close. I tried to keep track of three different points standings, and then did them once without a drop week, and once with a drop week.

With the standard "GOLD Championship" (handicapped) points system, and zero drop weeks, Arjuna narrowly edged out Michael by just 8 points, despite nearly identical season stats (Arjuna is missing credit for 1 Top-5 due to Monza).
Gold 7 Weeks.png

I also tried out a "PLATINUM Championship" (non-handicapped) using the NASCAR Points system, and no penalty points. These results showed just how close the two were all season long on flat-out pace!

I also tried out the same two championships, but included a drop week in the results;
Gold 6 Weeks.png

Platinum 6 Weeks.png

Finally, I made an attempt at a BRONZE championship for drivers <1500 iRating, but @TokyoGwB easily snagged that being the only qualifying driver to run the full season! So congrats on that, George, and thank you for your dedication, even though it wasn't quite the smoothest season for you!

My goal, if we have the drivers to sustain it, is to have championships that appeal to all levels of drivers. The PLATINUM Championship for a simple best-of-the-best all out challenge, the GOLD Championship which handicaps the field a bit and rewards a balance of pace and clean driving, and a BRONZE Championship for drivers consistently outside the 103%.


Other notable stats:
Most Wins: Denis Savretic @SavreticD - 3 Wins :cool:
Most Incidents: Ken Lindberg @Kenadian - 94 Incidents :eek:
Highest Incidents per Race: John Fleuret @Big_J_29 - 33.00 IpR :oops:


Season Rookies:
Lee Belcher @__Qwerty__
John Fleuret @Big_J_29
Elliot Roberts

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in League this season, despite it's wonky schedule! Hopefully we'll get a full 10+ round season in 2019, and I hope to see all of you there!!
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Woot! I had a great time this season, and I really love the switch to GTE cars - even when participation drops below 10 people, I always have so much fun racing with you guys. I think the championship might have been closer if not for @afroducks having issues in the last 2 races of the season - the T1 incident at Watkins Glen and the cone at the Nurburgring kind of reduced the battle we could have had.

Looking forward to next season! The 50 minute race really lends itself to us speeding up time and doing some D/N racing :)

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