[League] B2O GTE Sprint Series -- Season Opener in Italy! -- December 14th, 2018

2019 Season 1 Track Selection

  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Grand Prix

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LEAGUE Race: December 14th, 2018 - 7:30pm EST / 12:30am GMT
PracticePals: Monday December 10th and Wednesday December 12th - 8:00pm EST (December 11th and 13th - 1:00am GMT)
Cars: GTE
(Ferrari 458 GTE, Ford GT - 2017, Porsche 911 RSR)
Track Choices: [IMSA] Imola vs. [iRLMS] Monza
League Page: http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/LeagueView.do?league=1584

We have a track vote to get the season kicked off, but either way we're heading back to Italy! (Seems like we just left, no?). A few other note-worthy track entries include Nürburgring Combined, which is probably a shoe-in for December 28th, going up against Barber, Road Atlanta vs Sebring Week 2 is in the running for toughest decision between good tracks, while Monza vs. COTA will probably take the award for toughest decision between bad tracks for Week 4. A couple opportunities for Motegi to sneak in, once against Brands in Week 6 and again Week 8 against Imola, and Daytona has a couple chances as well, once against Road America Week 7 and once against Imola Week 10.

Ferrari 488 GTE
George Bates
Lee Belcher​
Debra Bennett​
John Fleuret
Arjuna Kankipati2
Nöel Lüneburg
Hans Mohr
Ford GT - 2017
Marc Gammack
Davey Riendeau​
Elliot Roberts​
Porsche RSR GTE
Michael Belyea​
Nejtun Cameron​
Mike King4​
Matthey A. Holmes​
Ken Lindberg
Denis Savretic

2019 Season 1 IMSA Schedule;
Week 2: Road Atlanta - Full Course
Week 3: Barber Motorsports Park - Full Course​
Week 4: Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Grand Prix​
Week 5: Watkins Glen International - Boot​
Week 6: Brands Hatch Circuit - Grand Prix​
Week 7: Daytona International Speedway - Road Course​
Week 8: Twin Ring Motegi - Grand Prix​
Week 9: Suzuka International Racing Course - Grand Prix​
Week 10: Autódromo José Carlos Pace - Grand Prix​
Week 11: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Endurance​
Week 12: Nürburgring Grand-Prix-Strecke - BES/WEC​

2019 Season 1 iRLMS Schedule;
Week 1: Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Grand Prix
Week 2: Sebring International Raceway - International
Week 3: Nürburgring Combined - Gesamtstrecke 24h​
Week 4: Circuit of the Americas - Grand Prix​
Week 5: Suzuka International Racing Course - Grand Prix​
Week 6: Twin Ring Motegi - Grand Prix​
Week 7: Road America - Full Course​
Week 8: Autódromo José Carlos Pace - Grand Prix​
Week 9: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Grand Prix Pits​
Week 10: Daytona International Speedway - Road Course​
Week 11: Silverstone Circuit - Grand Prix​
Week 12: Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans - 24 Heures du Mans​

League consists of 2 sessions as follows:
  1. Open Qualify Session: Full Fuel - 7:30 PM EDT (60 minutes). Drivers must record a clean lap within 103% of the fastest recorded lap time. Those who cannot do so are placed at the tail end of the field for the Qualify Race.
  2. Race ("Opt In" Inverse Grid determined by Qualify Race): Full Fuel - 20:40 EDT (60 minutes = 10 minute Warm Up + 50 minute Race). Grid is set by results from Qualify Race. One Pit Stop is required for tires only between the 25-30 minute mark (25-20 minutes remaining).
Pit Window: 5 minutes in duration. Drivers must pit for tires within this window or incur a penalty. Pit Stop is only required in the Main Race.

Fast Repair: One fast repair is available. If taken outside of Pit Window Driver must perform a drive through penalty within Pit Window.


What makes Band of Others League unique is our ongoing commitment to provide scoring options that allow Drivers of all pace to score well.

All bonuses (and penalties) are geared toward rewarding people for clean driving and participation.

Scoring is % based on number of laps completed. All Drivers must complete 80% of the Leaders laps to achieve maximum points.

Main Race Scoring: Race winner is scored 50 points + 1 bonus point, all positions following are scored -1 point from the previous position.

  • + 1 point for Race winner.
  • + 3 points for Race finish.
  • + 5 points for Race finish with 0 incident points.
  • - 3 points for every 10 incidents.
  • Car contact resulting in loss of control (drive through penalty).
NOTE: All drive through penalties MUST be served within 3 laps of offence.

Drop Weeks:
  • 1 drop week will be included after 6 rounds are completed.
  • 2 drop weeks will be included if 10 or more rounds are completed.

Open Setups:

If you have a good setup please post it here.

If you are unwilling or unable to share your setup with other League Drivers then you are not permitted to use it during League events.

Car Selection:

All Drivers have until Week 4 to test different cars and still be scored in League.

Starting Week 5 you must commit to one car for the remainder of the Season else you will not score points.

After Week 5, you are allowed to change your car at any time in the season, but you will forfeit any points scored in a race not completed in your Week 5 car.

Track Selection:
The B2O Sprint Series league tries to follow the iRacing Official schedule to make preparing for each week as easy and accessible as possible. GTE cars are utilized in two different series, which allows us a little leeway in track selection each week!

After each race, participants will be a polled to select the track for the following week. (ie. Our track selection for 2019 Season 1 Week 1 is between [IMSA] Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari - Grand Prix and [iRLMS] Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Grand Prix

See you on the track!

Don't forget about Practice Pals every Monday and Wednesday 8:00p EST (Tuesday and Thursday 1:00a GMT)!
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Voted for Imola - I have a feeling that Monza will beat CoTA in that vote, so not Monza twice in one season. Please.

Are there any plans to maybe do a few races this season with Sun Acceleration and D/N? Races shorter than an hour are perfect for speeding up time, would be awesome to do a few this season!


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Are there any plans to maybe do a few races this season with Sun Acceleration and D/N? Races shorter than an hour are perfect for speeding up time, would be awesome to do a few this season!

No. Until the ability to create custom grids is added to the BetaUI, or time acceleration options are added to the website, the ability to accelerate time, within league, is not possible.

Some interesting track selections this season :) IF iRacing manage to sort out the 2 UIs so they are a bit more user friendly, and people would like to (I know I would!) have some accelerated time events, could we please restrict it to tracks that we know for sure have proper night time lighting?

As much of a laugh as VIR was last week ("help, where am I??") the darkness made it pretty un-drivable in VR, (not sure about monitor users) Where as tracks like Motegi and Daytona are already set up for night time with actual track lighting and such! I can see a bit of time of day transitioning during the race really adding to the event.


Learning to drive in the dark is an interesting experience. VIR was extremely difficult, I think because I don't know that track and haven't driven on the West Config enough to have defined points for all the turns and options for changing weather, it was challenging in the day. When it got dark, OMG!!!!!!! I did find that putting the Sky graphic to full detail helps tremendously, should have done that before. Made a huge difference later on the Nord, that black out problem I was talking about was gone.

I have been practicing in the dark on the Nord, which also doesn't have track lighting, but I know that track very well. The dark is still quite challenging. It seems you do have to back up your braking points on some corners to compensate for the lack of the ability to see way out in front. And the fact that in several corners, you can't see your apex when your braking because it is so dark, makes it crazy to hit your apex properly.

Something I was wondering about is there seems to be things missing from the track in the dark versus in the light. For example, coming out of the foxhole, into the tight S curves, there is normally a yellow mark on the fence that I aim for, it is gone in the dark even though my headlights light up the fence, it is not there. Also, on the GP Strecke, there appears to be a patch of grass missing on the S curve before Schumacher. I woudn't think this is possible since they would be using the same scan. But it is gone.


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I can't make it this week all but I will be back to regular #PracticePals starting Monday Dec 17.

Still trying to work out how to run peripherals.

I had booked off today to do that and stream test but got browbeat into coming to work as our Christmas Party is today.


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