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Hello all,

Please be advised I'll be hit and miss this entire week, Nov 19-25 inclusive, while I transition to the new PC.

Given how grossly over-budget I am it's necessary to swap functionality between the current PC and the new PC.

I may try to make the Tuesday/Thursday Battlefield nights but Mon, Wed, Fri are off due to requiring peripherals. no League for me this week, apologies.

Conan Exiles on Saturday is probably off for me as well this weekend as I don't anticipate full usability until sometime Sunday (at the earliest).


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Actually ran into a few roadblocks.

Swapping the PSU from my current Rig turned out to be easy until I got to the Motherboard Power Connectors. I couldn't get it unplugged for the life of me and was putting a lot of torque on the board.

Finally got it unplugged with the loss of some skin along the way.

I also purchased a few cans of compressed air and blasted all dust out of the PC a lot of which was hidden in spots I'd never thought to check before.

Upon getting the current Rig back up and running I ended up with this really strange almost crackling sound. I just could not isolate it and thought maybe I damaged the Mobo although the sound really didn't seem to be in that area.

I looked everywhere for arcing, a chord rubbing against a fanblade or something and couldn't find anything obviously wrong.

I even worried that maybe the board was under stress and possibly warping, truly, it was stressful as I really don't want to lose the current PC.

Off and on I'd been stopping the fans with finger pressure on the hub and this too never seemed to help.

...and then I tried performing this stop fan test on the top fan and as it turns out I forced the sound. This is a 240mm Thermaltake fan that came pre-installed and I think it's wearing. Pressing it back up from the other side alleviated the issue, thank God.

I also tore into the rear wiring and finally cleaned it up. It's been a rats nest since day 1 so I thought I'd clean it up as a preamble to actual clean cable management in the new PC.

I also had to make some major changes to my entire desk area because there are no options in Tower placement. I'm really not sure if all my cables and peripherals will reach the new PC.

It's gonna be close for sure.

I lost a lot of time messing with these issues though so I've only begun working on the new build.

Currently all I have is the CPU and AIO installed. I can't install the M.2 NVME's because I don't have a phillips screwdriver with a small enough head to remove the Mobo Covers.

There is a long way to go so I don't see it running even this weekend now. I'll probably have it assembled however I"m not even sure if Windows will be up and running prior to early next week.

I have to say though the Computer Case is amazing. I was actually sitting here watching Twitch while I installed the AIO to a removable top plate that goes inside the case. The design is just so intuitive, spacious and well thought out that it's a dream so far to work on.

The only caveat is weight and size, it's a monster.


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So ya, project derailed.

I have no idea why but Asus over-tightened the crap out of the M.2 Covers and I've stripped the heads of 2 of the screws trying to get them off.

The amount of pressure you have to put on the board to even try getting these screws moving is nothing short of stupid. The last thing you want the end user doing is putting unnecessary amounts of pressure on anything as it flexes the board.

Best part is I've already installed the AIO and RAM so ya, I'm pretty disappointed right now.

I'm hoping Canada Computers can get the remaining screws out or it's RMA.

I love Asus but this is by far the dumbest fucking design choice I've seen by them, frustrating.
Damn, that sucks :( hope you get things sorted out asap! I just installed my upgrades a couple of days ago and luckily it went pretty smooth (still a pain in the ass though!) . I don't envy you doing the whole PC!!
Fingers crossed for you :) !


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Wow talk about a buzz kill there Ken. Hope your local shop can help you out and get the ship righted.
Ya its a real downer.

My backup PC isn't exactly the healthiest thing in the world right now either so I'm all the way down.

No streaming this week at all, perfect.

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