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Given how much I loved the brief glimpse we got into the world of Little Nightmares, it only made sense to pick up the DLC, Little Nightmares - The Depths on release day.

That day is today, July 7.

Now it's a matter of trying to get The Depths into my Twitch Livestream Schedule this weekend so what do you all think?

I'm leaning toward continuing on The Last Guardian at my regular time slot of 2 PM EST, playing for a couple of hours and then starting Little Nightmares at around 4 PM EST.

In Little Nightmares - The Depths you play as The Runaway Kid who instead of escaping the Maw via the surface, explore the depths of The Maw. Down here you will struggle against "The Granny" who is said to be a creature abandoned to decay that will let no-one go.

Sounds interesting enough to me.

Any thoughts?


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Are you sure you'll be playing Elite Dangerous tomorrow Mike, I thought you were on the fence about it?

Assuming you are then I can ED as well and possibly take a few weeks off on The Last Guardian.

...or possibly play after League and #PracticePals until it's done.

Not sure what to do now actually?
No I intend to be playing. Only stumbling block will be if my activities coordinator has other ideas, but nothing has been mentioned yet.

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