Mercedes F1 and iRacing team up!


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I think #MoreDeadCars was almost trending today... :p

iRacing needs to drop these with a Pro-Series immediately at launch. I think they're a day-late and a dollar-short with the iR-01 Pro Series. Now iRacing is trying to play catch-up to rFactor Formula Pro series with the iR-01 and have almost immediately torpedoed that series with this announcement. It's not really a bad thing, it's great that they're getting these cars, especially the 2022 car. They just need to be quicker to drum up, more than just hype, purpose for the car when this comes out. For too long the open-wheel ladder has felt like a dead-end in iRacing.
I agree the open wheel ladder hasn't felt great in iRacing in the recent past, but I think they are trying to focus on it. I did the IndyCar race at Laguna this weekend and oh boy that car is fun now. So good. Still difficult to drive quick, but not impossible. The tires did a load of good for it.

Hopefully these new F1 cars will be fun to drive and they will get the support they need to build a healthy series. I have no allusions they will be as popular as GT or the P2, but if they can have healthy splits multiple times a week I'll be happy.


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