Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 - Screenshot thread / What is it?

Hey guys, been a long time since I've jumped on here and seen what everyone's up to, but I've been around. Mainly on the B2O discord - for anyone that feels like chatting. Overall life has been very busy for me, and summers especially busy. I still game quite a bit but in an unreliable way late at night after kids are asleep. In that regard I've been a terrible "community" gamer so I really don't play team MP games anymore, or anything like that.

Anyway, I didn't see a thread on here about MSFS 2020 so I thought i'd make one. A lot of people blow over these sort of flight sims, sometimes even laugh at them for being dull. And while I cannot fault anyone at all for thinking it's boring, the new flight simulator has some incredible tech behind it that will pave the way for tons of games to come. This is the foundation of a game that could create a huge legacy, and it's something they can build many games upon.

I always point anyone wondering what's so special about it to this video:

The technology behind this is nothing short of a huge leap forward for games. As this tech continues to grow and the maps continue to show better and better details... I can't imagine how amazing games will be in the future. I believe he mentions it in the video but this can be the foundation of tons of other sim games, boat sims, train sims, just to start. Imagine DCS being built on this technology...

But to go back to why it's not fair to brush this simulator off- I myself don't even care for pure flight sims. I've never played them. Combat flight sims are a different story. But this is different. I consider myself a traveler and love to see the world. It is just plain awesome to fly over places I've been, or where I live, or where I would love to go. It is truly unique.

Well enough about all that. Here are some screens I've captured on what I'd consider my pleb PC.


Over Tegernsee, a beautiful lake south of Munich that I visited for a month when I was 17.


Florence, one of the many places I'd like to visit.


737 over Manhattan, where I've been a few times.


Munich- the townhall(s) and main plaza- Visited when I was in Germany for a month.


Night over my home city- I'm just approaching my house. Can you see it?

I'll post more soon. Those are just some of my fav I've taken so far from my travels.
A new version would be really nice, any thoughts on what has people upset regarding the bugs?
What bugs are you referring to?

To not expect bugs at release... that's a bit crazy. Especially something of this scope. Overall the experience hasn't been tarnished for me, though there are some frustrations here and there.

I've only really dealt with one pretty annoying one but I've learned from it / around it. The live pause (which I use a lot to take screens) is pretty clunky and downright buggy. If you enter a climb, so you're losing airspeed, then active pause, you continue to lose airspeed as indicated on your HUD. You're not actually moving or anything but as soon as you unpause, you'll be going 20knts, so you will fall right out of the sky.
Well stability for one and the lack of functionality of many of the control panels on several planes. I enjoy the genre but I try to avoid fanboi'ing over anything anymore. For what they want for the title, I expect a metric f(uk-ton of polish no matter what version of release it is.
Not sure what to tell you then. Releases these days are like that- for better or for worse that's just how 99% of games are published. Should MSFS been released to an open beta / EA instead? Maybe. Would it have changed anything? Not really, except the version name.

This is a game that's going to be around for years and years, with constant updates and even more releases. I'm not sweating the first weeks or months.

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