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I just wanted to share with you guys I am now an "acc main" lol. I haven't talked to some of you in a while, it's also been pretty quiet on these forums lately. BUT some of us are still on the discord server!

After finding out about Low Fuel Motorsports- which is basically an iRacing equivilent system in ACC, I decided to give that a go and really found I enjoyed it so much more than iRacing. The feel of the car, the sound, the graphics (though I run in VR) just was better than iRacing. And with their focus on GT3 and having all the GT3 cars- which is my main interest in racing... it made sense for me. Plus there's rain, pit windows and more. It def has some drawbacks like less tracks, driving without LFM or leagues can be interesting, less cars if you're not really into GT3, etc. iRacing's replay settings are much better.

I also found a league that runs Thursday nights and have been having a blast. Here's one of my latest races:

For anyone interested, Low Fuel Motorsports (LFM) is a site, much like iRacing where you sign up, you're put through a test to get a basic license and from there, you can register for hourly races in one of a few different series. You sign up on the website much like registering for a race on iRacing and based on your ELO (iRating) you are put into splits.

This strict framework is what ACC has sorely lacked and desperately needed. It is surprising how polished the LFM site is, and it's stat keeping and whatnot. They've done an incredible job. If you want extra information I recommend checking out Dan Suzuki's walkthrough.

Anyway just wanted to share and catch up with some of you. I'll be around and I'm always on Discord.


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I'd really like to give ACC a solid go. Nejtun and I had one day where everything worked and we had a good time. The fact that they've finally added triple-monitor support, VR support, and TrackIR support is amazing. The only problem is the server hosting. It's kludgy, archaic, and anyone who tries to make a UI for it can't be bothered to include every feature, so you're trading an easier-to-read UI for a lack of features, which seems a bit stupid. Also, local server hosting seems finicky. It seems like it either works for people or it doesn't, and I seem to be one of the people that it doesn't work for. I can host a server and other people can join, but I can't join my own server. Worse, no one really has a solution for it. I can/would happily utilize a server-host if it was necessary, but in the short term I just want to be able to test a bunch of settings out, and the fact that I can't do that locally is really annoying. There is so much potential here, but the package is frustratingly difficult to put together on the back-end.
Yeah Kunos has done an amazing job with continued support and love for the game.

Yes, just being able to turn some laps with a bud is way more difficult than it should be. I can't speak to the server-hosting side, but that does sound frustrating.

Let me know if you make any progress or need any extra help. Having a B2O server would be fantastic.


@Daunt, have you had any issues with ping in LFM? I was telling another AMG owner about your post about ACC and LFM, as he had been doing some racing in ACC, but he said all the servers in LFM were EU servers and he is getting 150 ping, which is a problem. Do you have any suggestions for him on leagues?
Great question. I will say that I haven't had too many issues, ping-wise despite also not being from the EU- I would be driving with plenty of US drivers. But league racing has been great so far.

It sounds like your friend is more central or possibly even west coast?

I run in a league called West Side Sim Racing- we run on Thursday evenings. My time for being able to drive has always meshed with west coasters more (I race late for my TZ on the East Coast) so this works out very well for me.

It's run through - which is a collection of simracing communities / leagues / drivers. Slightly confusing - but organizes communites and leagues. You link your steam account to it then when you log in you can browse and join various communities. Once you're in one, the community can run a league from within it. keeps the league standings, schedule etc so everything's displayed there. Even if you join multiple leagues in multiple communities, you can just go to "My Championships" and it displays them all (and click into them to see schedule, standings etc) There's also an "Events" page that will display all of your upcoming races a bit like a calendar.

Championships tab:

And here's what the league page (standings specifically) looks like:

The site even keeps a nice driver profile- keeping track of your progress across league races:

Hope that helps. That's what I've found and used so far. Between LFM and my Thursday night league I'm maxed out on racing lol. We have a new season starting in a few weeks so any of you that can make it would be great additions! I can't praise the league admins enough, they're very thorough in keeping the league fun for everyone (not just the aliens) and clean.


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