My Valve Index just shipped

Will be interested to read your honest thoughts on it, I had my reservation notice come up yesterday so I have six days from this point to decide if I'm going with the Index or the HP Reverb. I honestly find my OG Vive with deluxe head strap perfectly fine for room scale VR titles that are VR titles from the ground up but want a sharper image for seated titles like driving sims, elite dangerous and DCS. As they are all retrofitted with VR that's where I notice the resolution could be higher. The HP reverb's shortcomings for room scale (inside out tracking, average controllers) don't apply for seated titles so I really am in two minds as the image on the Reverb is supposed to be crystal clear due to the higher resolution compared to the Vive Pro and Valve Index. I wish the Index would have shipped with a higher res display than the Vive Pro as I really don't see the 144Hz thing being a game changer for seated titles and honestly when has anyone used VR at 90Hz and thought "hmm I wish I had a higher refresh rate". Almost everyone has thought "hmm I wish I had a higher resolution and no screen door effect" though.

For room scale obviously the Index is the best option right now, but for seated I really don't know and the reviews of the Reverb seem to be woefully ill informed, almost like they have been paid to review it badly. An example from one well known site said "the headphones on the reverb need to be removed from the ear by an inch as they can get too loud." I mean... seriously? Have they not heard of the concept of I don't know... adjusting the volume...

It's a tough call right now, i'll be interested to see your opinion.
@little P I think a few of us have no had our reservations come up. I will be pushing that thing as far as it can go, I am confident it will out shine my vive pro so keep that buy button handy as I guess it will arrive a little before your option runs out!
Having come from a Vive Pro (which in my mind was going to be tough to beat)
I can only say:


Mike , get one of these before your reservation runs out.
I will leave the reviewing part to matt, I can't do this justice for the amount I normally drool over VR, with going from an OG Rift to the Index @Brainling should do a better job with the wow factor than I can at the moment (that plus I need to go back into VR right now) I hope you took the day off lol.
Need details! Screen door effect? Bluriness in the distance? Is 144hz possible with your rigs? Did you notice a difference if you achieved stable 144hz? Please elaborate! ;D
I really want to hear Matt's first impressions on this headset before I go into too much detail on this but meanwhile I did a little tryout for 120hz in iRacing at Nurburgring GP circuit. @Brainling if you need some assistance doing the whole setup thing when yours arrives please let me know as somethings are not obvious right away and can be a real pain in the ass when it comes to steamVR.

Meanwhile, here is the test video:
I'm super excited. Mine's on the truck for delivery, should be here sooner than later. I'll probably get on TeamSpeak once I have all the hardware setup and ready to go. I just did some driving on my OG Rift last night, so I have a good mental image for comparison.
Wow. I'm not even sure how to fully describe the experience. It's so night and day different from the OG Rift it's kind of indescribable. Like trying to explain HDR to someone who only has an SDR screen, or HD to someone who's only had a CRT. I turned super sampling completely off because I wanted to start from a performane base, and it's incredible. Clear, smooth, I can read signs ahead of me. Dashboard text is incredibly clear, no more blurry small text. I'm not even sure I need super sampling on at this point, I'd rather turn more eye candy on in iRacing. The screen door effect is not gone, but you have to actively be looking for it to see it. In iRacing during the day I'm not noticing the color gamut issues caused by swapping an OLED screen to an LCD one. I'm sure at night things will be a bit more washed out grey but we'll see.

The image at the very, very edge of my periphery is more blurry than I'd like...but I've done very little adjustment yet. I still need to get the IPD correct and figure out exactly where the lens distance is comfortable with my glasses.

I'll write a more complete review covering packaging and everything at some point.
What gfx cards are you guys using with this? I saw @Nejtun is using a Titan X. Want to see if my 1080 will be good enough or if I need to go the 2080 route (which might mean new everything.)
Is your 1080 a Ti Bedo? if so it can do pretty much whatever the Titan can do, I wouldn't worry about that too much and for iracing I am only using 4 gig of Vram.
I have a 2080 Ti, so I am definitely not the minimum use case.

I agree with Nejt. A 1080 Ti will do fine. A regular 1080 may struggle a touch more.
Still using a 1070 over here - haven't had time to start up racing sims with the Index yet. But other games so far were fine. I'll report when I had the time to spent some time behind the wheel.


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