My Valve Index Settings and iRacing +DCS Settings

Hello mates :)
I Have been asked a few times "what are your pc specs" "what settings do you use for iRacing" and so on and so forth!
So I made a quick (it's not quick, it went on forever lol) video which answer most things.
Hopefully it can help some of you or point you in the right direction if you are having difficulties or just want to squeeze the life out of your PC!
Here it is in full with the individual elements below:
Nvidia Control Panel
Steam VR Control Panel
iRacing Graphics Settings
DCS Graphics Settings for VR
@Nejtun, I have to say after trying your settings exactly, I noticed a marked improvement in details in the Huey cockpit in DCS. The one change I made was the Steam SS setting, which was 150% recommended for my headset (Odyssey+). I've not yet been able to get close 90fps (never was able to anyway), but as long as I can get it looking good with reprojection on, I'll be happy.
There are things I don't necessarily need to enable, like civil traffic, clutter and shadows (which I've never turned on before, so I may tinker with these and things like Steam SS to see what more I can eke out. But a good base so far. Thanks :cool:

My specs:
i7 9700K
RTX 2700 Super
32GB RAM @ 3000
Noctua NH-D15 cooler
Glad it helped Anson, DCS cuts your frameratre in half whatever you are using with VR , unless you turn your graphics down to silly low levels, even then I have never see it run at max framerate , so if you are getting 45 and it is solid then you are good to go, at the beginning of my DCS segment I got a tiny bit sidetracked and missed out the word " reproject" (lol)
I run at 72 fps in game , the menus will get 144 but that is about it, you will get more on single player than multiplayer of course.


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