New racing toys incoming

You're going to love them man! I'm glad I went with the base plate aswell really made installing pretty easy, plus the board screws in underneath to make it really tidy.
I too am using the base plate as that seemed the easiest way to get them mounted to my 80/20 rig. I could have mounted them individually to the rails I suppose, but then I wouldn't have really had a place to rest my feet.
They got here nice and safe, all bolted together and plugged in now. One thing I noticed, and wasn't expecting, is that the brake pedal has just a touch of lateral flex? As in, if I put weight on the top of the pedal, I can feel the brake pedal moving ever so slightly. Has anyone else noticed that? I have them bolted down as safe as I dare, so I don't think it's that. I've checked all the spacers and such they seem bolted in tight.
Can you reach down and wiggle your brake pedal for me? Does it move at all, or is it basically completely solid? Specifically movement in the mechanism/arm, not the pedal plate itself. Mine seems to move in the mechanism just a couple millimeters to each side. I don't notice when driving, but at the cost I paid for these I want a set that's 100% in line with what they are supposed to be. This may be within tolerances, I'm just not sure.


On mine, the throttle has virtually no lateral play, but the brake pedal has some, looks like a little less than yours. I don't have a clutch.
Okay, that makes me feel a bit better. I have an email in to Heusinkveld just to be 100% sure, but I'm feeling more comfortable that it's within spec. I would imagine set to set the tolerances will be slightly different

My clutch and throttle have almost no play, but the brake does as you see. I don't feel it while I'm driving at all.
So Heusinkveld emailed me back this morning. They aren't happy with the amount of play in my brake pedal and are shipping me a new one next week. That's pretty incredible customer service. No muss, no fuss, just "We're not happy with that, we'll ship you a new peddle next week".
u should see the lateral play on my G25 pedals mate lol
that does make u wonder how hard it can be to engineer just a brake pedal.
great after sale service i must say, do it again for clutch and throttle and send me the "bad" ones :)

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