New truck brand for ATS

Seems like we might be getting a new official truck brand for ATS...

SCS posted a tweet stating "Exciting times ahead! ;)" with this picture underneath;

I might be blind but I think that it says 'Navistar' on one of those flags. Also the picture has a cunning resemblance to the Navistar International headquarters in Illinois.

I'll leave the math up to you :D


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Navistar would certainly be a welcome addition and the main reason to re-install ATS.

Still a bit surprised that Volvo isn't onboard especially since they're in ETS2. One would have thought getting them into ATS would have been easier given that ground has already been broken in another title by the same Dev.

Also a bit surprised Western Star hasn't jumped at the chance to be ingame. Although having said that they may not have even been approached, who knows?
Picked this up on Steam Summer sale. Reminds me of Truckin' for Intellivision that I so dearly loved as a youngster, but with much better graphics.


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