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Got meself an error today. Think i found a possible link to it as well.

b2o error.png

Anyway using the latest Firefox and Vivaldi gave me the same error, however when i removed the emoticons from the quote it worked like a charm.
I'm getting the internal server error when trying to edit my own posts, almost always these days. Tried a couple of times in a row just today (trying to refresh too , logging back in and all), didn't work, then started on a new (huge) post, and when I tried to submit it the whole site stopped loading, and couldn't reach the site for at least half an hour. At that same time movietalk and lifesupporters were down for me too. Now I can post again, but still can't edit That particular post(last post about the new mexico DLC). I can edit this post though.... go figure.

It's really cumbersome not being able to edit when making the larger posts to be honest. Not being a native English speaker makes me a bit more prone to typo's, and I often also want to make lay-out changes after posting, as the preview window is not the same size as the forum itself and therefor often does not represent the lay out correctly as it will show eventually. I still hope this can be fixed one way or another..
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Have you pinpointed the error yet? I'm getting the Internal Server Error when I'm trying to add in-line images to my post here: (Chrome). If I remove the uploaded images it does work.

It even seemed to take the site off-line twice for me. I tried adding the pictures and got the error several times. Then after I closed my post and went to open and it wouldn't load anything. I'm not sure how long that lasted, not more than an hour I think, and I don't know if it was failing just for me.

Edit: the forum fully not working was around Sunday the 5th or on Monday the 6th around 08:00 GMT.


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No I still have no idea why the site remains broken in some areas? Originally I thought it was a permission error but that didn't seem to help much.

I've found two errors that I can replicate and that is Internal Server Errors when quoting a message and when smileys are used. My guess is the site feels you don't have ownership of images either used locally (existing images stored on the Server and part of the theme) or uploaded images (user uploaded attachments).

Oddly enough when Nejtun experienced similar issues in one of his topics I was able to go in and do what he could not. Whether or not this is tied to permissions I cannot say as I too experience Internal Server Errors sometimes that make little to no sense.

The only thing I can see possibly alleviating these issues is a fresh install which I've not had time to tackle yet as I'm buried under a larger and higher priority project at the moment.

I've aimed to have this done prior to Jan 1, 2017 as I don't want to start off the New Year on a buggy Website but whether or not I can get to it prior to that end date is up in the air currently, sorry.

...and all of this hinges on the hopes that the database isn't affected at some level which I pray to God it isn't.


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