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So, I try to workout almost every day, do some cardio, some weight training. I don't push myself crazy hard, don't like Hiit or anything like that, just decent exercise, but very often. I think that has helped me avoid a lot of physical problems and even helps me mentally/emotionally, otherwise I'd bounce off the walls and stress out. So, to the point, I work out at home and have a hard time adding variety, finding trainers, particularly weight training that I really like. Last week I ran across some videos by Sydney Cummings to work upper body and abs, which is good on days I am cycling. So I thought I would share it in case anyone else is interested.


iRacing Endurance 2022

Daytona 24hr: IMSA
  ~ January 21 - 23
Bathurst 12hr: GT3
  ~ February 25 - 27
Sebring 12hr: IMSA
  ~ March 18 - 20
Nurburgring 24hr: GT3, GT4, PCup, Audi RS3
  ~ April 15 - 17
Watkins Glen 6hr: IMSA
  ~ June 17 - 19
Spa 24hr: GT3
  ~ July 22 - 24
Bathurst 1000: V8 Supercars
  ~ September 16 - 18
Petit Le Mans: IMSA
  ~ October 7 - 9
Suzuka 10hr: GT3
  ~ November 11 - 13

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