PlayStation 5 launches Holidays 2020


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Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5 will launch Holidays 2020.

They've also shared some insight into what to expect with the new Console and some of the features announced sound really interesting.

A few areas really caught my eye such as changes to the OS as well as Haptic Feedback and programmed Trigger resistance for the controller.

Details of the aforementioned can be found in a PlayStation 5 exclusive published on Wired.

In other PlayStation news, Sony has dropped support for Facebook integration. You can no longer share Trophy unlocks, use any of Facebook's friend features or share content.

All other integrations such as Twitter remain unaffected.

Speculation on the removal of Facebook integration seems to lean either toward Sony and Facebook haggling on an updated contract or the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.
Similar specs to the new xbox isn't it? I'm really enjoying the xbox one X, to be completely honest no game (for me) has looked as good as red dead redemption on the X. To think what the new consoles will be able to pump out is actually mind blowing to think about. Only downside is the limit to 60fps but I believe the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be pushing for the higher refresh rates too?

EDIT: After reading that link the haptic resistance being programmable sounds really interesting!


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Yeah I think both are AMD powered with SSD storage. Not sure about the XBox but I think there was mention of Ray Tracing support on the PS5.

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