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What is Practice Pals?

Practice Pals is a pack racing Open Practice Program aimed at helping all Drivers be the best they can be.

Why Practice Pals?

Regardless of skill, everyone can benefit from Practice Pals. It doesn't matter if you're slow, average, fast, pseudo-alien or alien, you can always improve.

The slower among us find pace, learn setups and improve race craft while the faster learn how to safely navigate traffic better.

...all in a fun and uniquely entertaining environment without sacrifice of your or other Drivers iRating and/or Safety Rating.

How to Practice Pals:

Get on Teamspeak

If you're pace is slower:
  • Safely Pit Out in front of the main pack allowing a lap or two buffer before the pack catches up.
    • as an example, if you're 3 seconds/lap off pace then Pit Out 3 - 6 seconds in front of the main pack.
  • Drive your line and don't worry about the cars behind you. Remember, it is always up to the chasing Driver to pass safely.

If you're pace is quicker:
  • Safely Pit Out behind the main pack, interval is at your discretion.
  • If you are trying to pass, it is your responsibility to do so safely. Exercise patience and common sense.
  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. Respect other Drivers.
  3. If you screw someone over at least apologize. It's the right thing to do!
Why Practice Pals works is you are literally surrounded by peers who can help you in real time. Communication is key to the success of this program so if you need anything, just ask.

Need help with setups - ask.
Need to try a different setup - ask
Want me to Livestream with a Webcam - don't ask :)

The rest you'll learn as you run.

This is a time tested and proven program to help Drivers of all skill levels. Always remember to have fun and never be afraid to speak up in Teasmpeak if you require assistance.
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Hey Greg, our teamspeak info is on the website under the Comms tab! Monday and Wednesdays we run practice pals usually starting around 8pm EST and Fridays we run a GT3 Blancpain style league with Open Inverted Qualifying sessions begins at 7:30 EST

Feel free to hop into teamspeak anytime!


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What he said ^

You'll find us in Teamspeak most nights starting at 8 PM EST (some are on earlier). Mon, Wed, and Friday are Practice Pals with Friday night being our iRacing League.

Tuesday and Thursday nights are currently for Battlefield 1 Squad Play. If you're interested in that then you can join us ingame as well.

Oh and btw, welcome :)


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Hi All,

Is Practice Pals found under league sessions or does everyone just try to get into the same public practice session?

Eddy, we almost always use the practice sessions put up by iRacing, always US servers, usually the latest one available at the time. Just jump into TS, and we'll get you the session info!


Mike, I thought you PM'd me the youtube videos last night, but didn't see them this morning. Where did you post them?
Let us know how that goes Deb. I've considered getting some coaching, just to help me find a little pace. God knows I've spent enough money on this hobby in other areas :D


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