PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7

Hello everybody, I'm facing a problem with my PS4. When attempting to connect the console to the PlayStation network encountering the error code CE-33984-7. I even tested by restarting the console but still this error code. If you ever had a clue to solve this problem I would like to thank you in advance.


Hey Sanjeev,
If i go over to , post something like lets say "PS4 Error Code CE-33985-7" and then once a day has passed (Not exactly 24 hours because that makes them suspiscious, lets make it 24hrs and 3 minutes), you post the link to Appuals page with the error code in it leading to a general "Have you tried turning it of and on again page" which clearly has fuck all to do with PS4 Error Code CE-33985-7... then pay you 3 rupees and i'll marry your sister, and then my S.E.O. score goes up.
@jbateswiu8 @arneya6 (I could tag only one of those and both will get the message, because they're both one and the same Sanjeev.

Well Sanjeev/Kevin Arrows, EV here.....
Note 1; Fuck off with your spam.
Note 2; The ganges needs a clean, but have you first tried turning it off and back on again?
Note 3; We will be visiting you shortly.

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