Radio Controlled Models

So as many of you are already aware, one of my hobbies is flying radio controlled models. Been doing it for years and primarily fly helicopters. When I was at my flying club yesterday one of the other club members who happens to be an excellent photog asked if I would like some photos of my machine in the air and I said “certainly!”.


This pylon racer is in pieces by now. No rudder, flew like a bullet.

Trojan on final:

I will keep the Cub, big ass wheels is fun!

This one is a smaller 900mm wingspan P-47 high speed version (100+ Mph). My mate snap rolled it into the ground at ludicrous speed :(

Spinner self portrait. :)
P-47 (12).JPG
Hey Jeeve,

It’s not so hard flying heli’s upside down or backwards or upside down backwards. It’s like anything else in that it just takes enough practice for it to be “automatic” much like riding a bike. The part I struggle with is piro’s nose right. I can do lots of things piro nose left, but my brain refuses to learn them nose right. Anyway, the other challenge is putting all those things together in a flight and making it flow or be visually appealing.

Those are some great looking models! Shame you are selling them, but maybe one day you will get the itch to own them again. I know I fall in and out of the hobby from time to time. Love the look of absolute terror in the pilot’s eyes in that P47 :)
Here’s a great example of what can be done with these heli’s when the pilot is one of the best in the world. Skip to 1:30 to begin watching the flying....

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