Real Life Racing / News Thread

I wanted to make & sticky a thread on here so those that watch races live can share when and where - I have forgotten multiple times a race was being ran that I wanted to catch (like yesterday's Blancpain race) so maybe this will help

If you're planning to catch a race - or are watching a race - use this thread to post it!
I'll start by reminding everyone this upcoming weekend is Long Beach for both IMSA (all classes EXCEPT GTD) as well as Pirelli World Challenge.

I'm not sure of the time / day for each race so I'll be checking as it gets closer.
BTCC has some awesome racing. Which btw if you don't get BTCC because North America. Motortrendondemand puts up BTCC races as well as DTM, Blancpain, V8's and others.
Speaking of tin tops... did anyone else watch this live? I googled it and found it on you tube. I remember thinking at the time it was some of the cleanest, closest racing I'd ever seen (watch the replay after the finish too).

I didn't see it live because it would have been the middle of the night for me but I definitely watched it the next day. It was an amazing drive that's for sure.
I've seen this numerous times. Incredible driving that really highlights the racecraft that is V8SCs. You don't see racing like this in any other series.
Stumbled across this and it really reminded me of the Mazda Cup in iRacing :D


The pause key is useful on the 2nd watch :lol:
Lots of good racing going on this weekend.

Saturday - IMSA at Long Beach 7pm-9pm FS2
Nascar at Bristol
Supercross at St. Louis

Sunday - Formula 1 at Shanghai
WEC at Silverstone 7-9am FS1
9am-1pm FS2
World Challenge at Long Beach 2-4pm CBSSN
Indy Car at Long Beach 4:30-6:30pm CBSSN
I wish it was easier for me to watch the BTCC. It looks like a series that I'd watch religiously. Touring cars that put a spotlight on driver talent, not to mention a really unique format that would make for very exciting racing with multiple heats (I believe, I'm not sure familiar with it).

iRacing (if anyone from iRacing is reading this thread) should add the ability to add multiple heat races to a hosted session, rather than only 1 race.
Is this link available to you Daunt?

You are correct, you get to know the drivers with the coverage which is great. There are works teams and privateer teams mixing it up. Sometimes a privateer has a hero moment and wins or gets a podium finish. And yes there are 3 heats with a reverse grid for the last race of up to 10 positions determined by a random ball pick after the second race.

1st race positions decided by qualifying.

2nd race positions decided by 1st race results.

3rd race position decided by random ball pick. Whichever number comes up (between 1-10) those positions are reversed. The first and second races are almost always good and the third race is always entertaining as normally some of the cars are worse for wear and some feuds have built up which need to be sorted out :icon_twisted:

I've been to many BTCC races and let me tell you these cars sound incredible live and you can hear it with the tv coverage too :)
It asks for a sign on so I'm not sure it will work for me.

I can see how a multiple-race format would be incredible for many reasons. We'll see how much free time I can dedicate to watching the various races this weekend.

Disappointing that IMSA is not racing the GTDs at long beach on saturday, and I've had mixed feelings about the PWC this year. Some of the cars and teams took a step back.
I'm watching the in car of the Ford gt right now streamed live. I'm not sure why I don't get the broadcast until 11. Pretty cool to hear the comms for the team as well, between the driver and chief
Check out this drive from Sabine. Could watch this all day long. Incredible skill to deal with the changing conditions, surfaces, and traffic(!).

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