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From the same WEC race: big, leading Porsche thinks mini-Porsche is some sort of skate-ramp:
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From the same WEC race: big, leading Porsche thinks mini-Porsche is some sort of skate-ramp:
It looks bad from replay, but TBF, on board, it looks like the hole is there and then he gets popped from the side, so I know its his fault, but at least it wasn't a complete WTF were you thinking.. You can see what he was thinking. He thought he could beat the other Porsche to the outside, just didn't work for him.. Tough luck...
Is this political do you think? Or is it a genuine attempt at cheating by the teams? Either way it looks like it will be an interesting race.

I'm watching this stream:

It's multi cam so can switch between on board views etc.
Hehe, yeah, every Mercedes had messed with the ignition timing or something which was not allowed. Then they lost their places at the top of the grid and they had to make a 5 minute stop-and-go penalty. They got a little lucky that a Ferrari span on lap 1 so they essentially served the penalty during a yellow.

Kévin Estre in the #77 had so many off-tracks that he got his last warning within the first hour and had to serve two drive-throughs after that. Then two Ferarris where racing side-by-side at the pit exit where he happened to be pitting out. I'd say it was clearly the Ferrari's fault because he didn't leave enough room for a car pitting out as the Ferrari crossed the white line. It's a bit silly that it's not illegal to do that yet.
The rules are pretty black and white with how cars are homologated. It had to do with their ECU fuel maps - so they have a fuel map for safety car pacing, a map for regular racing, and a map for qualifying. Those are carefully spec'd when a car is approved for homologation. I don't think anyone knows exactly what the fuel mapping did or how exactly it affected it, but either way, there's pre-determined rules they have to adhere to and it was obvious they didn't run something that was approved.

It was a very harsh penalty but I think it was black and white. The marshals told them for the penalty though Noel that if they served it under caution they'd serve longer.
Gotcha. Naughty teams...

Some of these machines are stunning.... Loving the Lambos *heart*

The Bentley looks hilarious on the other hand. Like a walrus among cheetahs, but it's doing pretty well considering!

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