Red Dead Redemption 2 first trailer for PC - anyone picking this up?

As someone who completed this on the X-Box One X as a good guy (got the good guy ending, and enjoyed every single second of the story) I'm looking forward to playing this on PC with it's enhancements and this time I'm going to be a real asshole in my playthrough. Also I'll be playing through entirely in first person on PC, something that didn't lend itself too well on a controller but will be perfect on keyboard and mouse.

I never got in to Red Dead online either on the console but i'll likely throw myself into it on the PC. Anyone else thinking of picking this up and forming up a B2O posse online? (yeeehaaaw)

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Singleplayer it's gruff cowboys playable only, but online you can be a rootin' tootin' badass cowgirl, and what gang is complete without one?!

As for Indians, without spoiling anything, there is an awesome story arc around an Indian tribe. It was one of my favourite parts of the game. But that's all I will say as I don't want to spoil any of it for people.

You can pretty much dress up as anything online (Buzz Lightyear or a T-Rex may be a problem but anything of that era is certainly doable). Taking on missions and activities as part of a posse would be infinitely more fun for sure.
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