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So yep, just to throw another title into my growing library of games for the Saturday Afternoon Stream, I picked up The Last Guardian for my PS4.

This is a game I've wanted to play for some time now but did not want to pay full price. Until this Thursday (I believe) it's on sale for 34% off so it's downloading now lol.

The question is, when do I fit it in?

Please keep in mind though that if I'm to wait even a few weeks I'll already be in the game because there's no way I can wait that long. Assuming this happens it may never see light of day in the B2OSAS, instead it will be a YouTube exclusive.

For those of you who've not heard of The Last Guardian, you play as young boy imprisoned with a gigantic feathered creature.

These Saturday afternoon streams are always much more engaging for us at least, when you are playing something blind imo. if there is no way you can wait then it would be cool to stream it at the earliest opportunity.
even though you have a few games that have been started and played well into the stories for a few hours, I don't think anybody really minds if the game is different next week as long as you continue where you left off ( with maybe a recap) when you pick it up again.

"The Witcher " for example, it has loads left to do but you stopped it in a tidy place and when you pick it back up from the same spot it will seem fresher perhaps? if you have a few games that are part way through it might be cool to have a vote on which one to continue or maybe which one to ditch if they don't prove popular (nothing to stop you playing something offline that everyone hates but you really enjoy right?) :D


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I really have no intention of dropping anything really unless there is no interest. To this point only 2 games have ever been dropped, Assassins Creed - Black Flag and Dishonored 2. I dropped both as I remain completely uninterested in the AC franchise and there wasn't a lot of interest in Dishonored 2. In fact not one person commented on it being dropped which speaks volumes.

The Witcher 3 will take upwards of 100 hours to complete main story and side quests and was only intended to be a "between games" game. I'm quite sure TW3 will be a staple on B2OSAS for some time to come up to an including 6 months.

This means the only game in question right now is RiME which I should finish this weekend. I will not be dropping RiME for The Last Guardian so I really don't think there's any reason to put this up to a vote currently but I do take your point.

You will notice though that I've dropped the "Game chosen by you" line as it's unfair to me if I'm to play something I don't like such as AC:BF. I need the flexibility to do things I enjoy which is why I want I need to get The Last Guardian up asap. I've been looking forward to this game for many months and NEED to play it; it's not a want at this point.

We should be there on RiME and probably even finish early enough to play a bit of TW3 this Saturday. Then next Saturday if all goes well will be TLG.

Ah shit wait a minute, that's 6 hours of the Glen isn't it, ffs!


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Unfortunately there will not be a Saturday Afternoon Stream this Saturday June 24.

I'm behind on a large number of high priority projects so I need to focus that time on getting some things done.

We'll resume the SAS on July 1.
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