Sebring 12H - March 26 - 28 2021

It's that time again, another endurance event coming our way. We'll use this thread to start preparing for the event. If you're interested in driving, post here with what car, and any back up cars you'd be interested in driving. Car classes are listed here:

@Deb @Kenadian @Jes_971 @Skid_Marc_ @Kinger @Anson Bennette @Kelley G @reid @Ogami Itto @ShadniX @Nejtun
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My first choice would be the P217, but barring that the Vette or the Porsche would be fun to drive in the GTE class. No real interest in driving a GT3 for this.
1 C8R
2 M8
3 488
Have not tried the Lambo yet.

I haven't done an endurance event in a while but have been active racing, I'm not as fast as you guys, but if anyone is willing to take me in....
Not sure I'm going to be able to do this one. On vaca with the fam through Wednesday of race week and that may not provide me with enough time to be completely comfortable in a car.

If I do join a team, I'd prefer it to be like my participation at Bathurst where I'm just filling in a few single stints as opposed to doing the majority of the driving. I'll leave that to the heavy hitters.


I think my first choice is the P217, but could also race in a GTE depending on how the teams fall out. @Nejtun said I could drive with him and Hans, same for @Ogami Itto, but if I need to fill in with another team, that is fine too. I will need to practice early though, as now the AMG event has been rescheduled to March 23, 24 so I will be out of pocket those two days. So I am going to start practicing tomorrow.
Holy cow, I've been so stoked on the weather and getting back to mountain biking that I completely lost track of my days. Its pretty late in the game but I just wanted to check in and see whats going on.
Hey @Jes_971, I'm out of the race this year. Was away for the early part of this week on vacation and really won't have enough time to practice in the car to be comfortable before Sat. Sorry all.


I've been practicing the P217 quite a bit. It's pretty nice around Sebring.
@Brainling, do you want to race with us on our team? We'll have 5 people for 12 hours, which might be a lot, but Ogami and I don't want to drive a lot anyway, and we really want you to race with us. So it might mean less stints but we'll have a big team and it will be a lot of fun :D @Nejtun has setup that he sent earlier this week and it is pretty good. I can get down to the 1:48s in decent temps and very stable. I'll be on tonight and can give you the setup if you are willing to race with us.
Talked to Deb and Ogami on Discord, figured I'd post here. Not gonna make this one this time. I'll check in on everyone during the race and hang out a bit. Have fun!

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