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Received this email this morning so passing it on. Seems like this could be interesting, although its for real life but generally his stuff translates well to sim racing.

Jeff Braun is one of the best race car engineers in the world - his results prove that. He's also fantastic at explaining complex information in an easy-to-understand way, which makes him the perfect guy to co-host the Tune Your Car's Handling webinar.

There'll be so much information that we'll spread it over two sessions on April 23rd and 24th. If you're unable to be online for either or both of those evenings, you'll still get access to a full recording (along with Jeff's presentation slides) if you register.

For more information, go to

Whether you’re a relative newcomer to the sport of performance driving; an experienced driver participating in HPDE and track day events; or you’re a club or pro racer, you’ll learn information to help you lower your lap times… by making your car handle better. In the Tune Your Car's Handling webinar, Jeff and I will “tag-team” present information for drivers, mechanics, and engineers - how to adjust tire pressures, anti-roll bars, shocks/dampers, springs, ride height and rake, suspension geometry, and aerodynamics to help your car get around the track faster.

It's only $99 for well over 3 hours of training you can’t get anywhere else. Your registration fee covers both sessions (different content in each one, the second builds from the first session). Because we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to ask questions, we do have to limit the number of registrations - and the past two webinars have booked up to the point where I had to turn away some people who tried to register in the last few days before the webinar. So don't wait to sign up!

Jeff and I hope to see you online on April 23rd-24th.


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