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Preparation for the sixth endurance event of the iRacing Special Events calendar is upon us!

This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum!


Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Endurance Pits)
Francorchamps, Belgium
4.35 Miles (7.00 km) - 19 Turns

Date: 21-22 July 2018

Race Times:

Saturday 01:00 GMT / 21:00 EDT / 11:00 AEST
Saturday 13:00 GMT / 09:00 EDT / 23:00 AEST

Race Length: 24 Hours

Classes: 1 (GT3)

Weather: Dynamic

Time of Day: Late Afternoon

BoP Adjustments:

  • Audi R8 LMS - 66 LB*
  • Mercedes AMG GT3 - 11 LB*
*iRacing may not apply the penalties properly if you enter them in kilograms. If you do enter them as 30 KG (Audi) and 5 KG (Merc), make sure to check in the session that iRacing has applied them as KG and not LB!!

Audi R8 LMS GT3
Anson Bennette @Anson Bennette

BMW Z4 GT3 - Band of Others Endurance #000 (93325)

Livery Download:

Nejtun Cameron @Nejtun
iR: 2369
Hans Mohr @ShadniX
iR: 2078
Kelley Grant @Kelley G
iR: **1821**

Ferrari 488 GT3 - Band of Others Endurance - Lake House (33095)

Livery Download:

Michael Belyea @afroducks
iR: 3166
Debra Bennett @Deb
iR: **1797**
Bedo Magardichian @Bedo
iR: 3215
Dino Topic @Slider
iR: 3497

Ford GT GT3

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Mercedes AMG GT3 - Band of Others Endurance #101 (91636)

Livery Download:

Lucas Biron @LoucMachine
iR: 3208
Noël Lüneburg @Noodleguitar
iR: **4826**
Denis Savretić @SavreticD
iR: 4450

Mercedes AMG GT3 - Band of Others Endurance #95 (49169)

Livery Download:

Jes Colman @Jes_971
iR: 1875
Ken Lindberg @Duke
iR: **2710**
Anthony Mino @Tony
iR: 1902
Michael Morahn @Hydromani
iR: 1754

**Please read!**

Drive Time and Team Registration

The above schedule will have an "Availability" tab!

    • Please put an "X" in the hours which you are available to drive during the race!
    • Please add the number of consecutive stints you are willing to drive (1, 2, or 3) in the bottom row of the chart!

Please note that just adding your name in this thread, or on this list, does NOT guarantee a seat in the actual race. You MUST show up to group practice sessions before the event! Band of Others' #PracticePals will still primarily focus on BSS practice, especially on Monday, so please plan on slightly earlier/later practices, or even separate practices for Special Events! The final teams will only be made up of drivers that practice and actively participate in this thread! In 2017, we were usually pretty late getting everything sorted. The sooner we can confirm everyone who is racing, the sooner we can finish the schedule and finalize paints![/user]
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Filled. Good to be back after a long layoff with PC and wheel issues. Currently driving the Audi, but might occasionally give the Ferrari a go for next season BSS so either is fine. See you guys in Practice Pals...
You can sign me up for all cars. I'll be happy to drive any of them and fill any gaps for anyone who might want to drive a "less popular" car.
I took the BMW out for a fuel stint around the course. Got my lap times in the 2:22s range. Fuel usage is almost exactly 4 litres per lap for me, so 28 laps per stint.
I think its time for me to make my long awaited come back. I know you've all heard the rumours leading up to my return. I'll be the first to say that they are true. I was testing with a well known car manufacturer and things were going great. They simply told me to spend some more time on the simulator before I'm put in the car for a race. So here I am gracing you with my undeniably steel-balled skill. Ready to raise you from the depths of defeat and despair. Ultimately placing you all on the throne of triumph. (pink text)

I'm in for either the Ferrari or the Mercedes.



It may have been a dream, but seems I recall our team winning 24H Nurburgring . . . no, no, I'm sure that happened :D

Welcome back @Jes_971, will be great to have you driving with us again :)

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