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Preparation for the seventh endurance event of the iRacing Special Events calendar is upon us!

This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum!


Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans
Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France
13.63 km (8.47 miles) - 33 Turns

Date: 18-19 August 2018

Race Times:

Saturday 01:00 GMT / 21:00 EDT / 17:00 AEST
Saturday 13:00 GMT / 09:00 EDT / 05:00 AEST

Race Length: 24 Hours

Classes: 3 (LMP1-H, LMP2, GTE)

Weather: Dynamic?

Time of Day: Morning

[LMP1-H] Audi R18

[LMP1-H] Porsche 919

Band of Others Endurance #101 [Team ID: 91636]
Matthew A Holmes @Brainling
Noël Lüneburg @Noodleguitar
Christian Mehlfeld
Denis Savretic @SavreticD
Dino Topic @Slider


Porsche 919

[LMP2] HPD ARX-01c

Band of Others Endurance #000 [Team ID: 93325]
Nejtun Cameron @Nejtun
Kelley Grant @Kelley G
Hans Mohr @ShadniX


[GTE] Ford GT - 2017

[GTE] Ferrari 488 GTE

[GTE] Porsche 911 RSR

Band of Others Endurance - Lake House (#78) [Team ID: 33095]
Debra Bennett @Deb
Michael Belyea @afroducks
Michael Morahn @Hydromani
Bedo Magardichian @Bedo

Band of Others Endurance #95 [Team ID: 49169]

Jes Colman @Jes_971
Ken Lindberg @Kenadian
Footy Pajamas @incndry


Porsche 911 RSR GTE Team Lake House

Porsche 911 RSR GTE Team 95

**Please read!**

Drive Time and Team Registration


The above schedule will have an "Availability" tab!

  • Please put an "X" in the hours which you are available to drive during the race!
  • Please add the number of consecutive stints you are willing to drive (1, 2, or 3) in the bottom row of the chart!

Please note that just adding your name in this thread, or on this list, does NOT guarantee a seat in the actual race. You MUST show up to group practice sessions before the event! Band of Others' #PracticePals will still primarily focus on BSS practice, especially on Monday, so please plan on slightly earlier/later practices, or even separate practices for Special Events! The final teams will only be made up of drivers that practice and actively participate in this thread! In 2017, we were usually pretty late getting everything sorted. The sooner we can confirm everyone who is racing, the sooner we can finish the schedule and finalize paints![/user]

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The first thing to discuss is which time slot we would use, since there are two and they deviate from the regular start time for endurance races. They're both on Saturday: 07:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT.

I think 07:00 makes the most sense since that gives you some time to rest on Sunday (especially for Europeons) but it's not up to me alone.


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If possible I'd like to do the early race rather than the later one.

Since I'm streaming I'll be up for it anyway so I have no problem starting the race.


I can do the 911 or the 488. Do you think we might a have a GTE team for both time slots? I'm not sure which one works better for me.


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I can do the 911 or the 488. Do you think we might a have a GTE team for both time slots? I'm not sure which one works better for me.
It's up to all of you really. For my purposes I don't want to use most of Sunday to run an event like this so the sooner I can run it the better.

If there's enough people to populate Teams in both slots then all the better.
Id like to race HPD as its a car I rarely drive anymore. If not that then either the Porsche 911RSR or Ford.

Of course I can't confirm if I will be able to run for sure until closer to the date.... BUT I will be bugging work from here on to get an answer ASAP.
919 and Sat 0700 GMT slot for me. Will fill in Availability tab. I'll post what GTE setups I have from before, if it helps.

Ferrari (09R) and Ford (11DGFX). They're from a while ago but should work. Don't recall any changes to GTEs, and I recall them pretty good as were made for endurance races.


Definitely in for this. My first choice is the 919, alt would be the 991. Prefer the early Saturday morning time slot (13:00 GMT). Filled in my availability.
I think I would prefer the earlier time slot just to leave a bit of Sunday left to recover with! got a bit confused with the times on the availability sheet, but I am good for all of it so its all green :)

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