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Preparation for the third event of the iRacing Special Events calendar is upon us!

This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum!

Mount Panorama Circuit

Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
4.0 Miles (6.213 km) - 23 Turns

Date: February 8th-9th 2019

Race Times:
Saturday 01:00 GMT / Friday 20:00 EST
Saturday 13:00 GMT / 08:00 EST

Sim Start Time: 4:30am
Warmup: 30 Minutes
Qualifying: Included - 8 minutes (2 laps)
Race Length: 12 Hours
Sim Sunrise: ~6:31am
Weather: Dynamic
Incident Limit: TBD


Audi R8 LMS Team 065

BMW M4 GT3 Team 000

Ferrari 488 GT3 Team 95


Anson Bennette @Anson Bennette - 1497​
Marc Gammack @Skid_Marc_ - 2637​
Bedo Magardichian @Bedo - 3350​

Nejtun Cameron @Nejtun - 2274​
Kelley Grant @Kelley G - 1622​
Hans Mohr @ShadniX - 2114​

Debra Bennett @Deb - 1693​
Jes Colman @Jes_971 - 1751​
Ken Lindberg @Kenadian - 2688​
Matt Holmes @Brainling - 1736​

GT3 Cup

**Please read!**

Drive Time and Team Registration


The above schedule has an "Availability" tab!
    • Please put an "X" in the hours which you are available to drive during the race!
    • Please add the number of consecutive stints you are willing to drive (1, 2, or 3) in the bottom row of the chart!

Please note that just adding your name in this thread does NOT guarantee a seat in the actual race. You MUST show up to group practice sessions before the event! Band of Others' #PracticePals will still primarily focus on League practice, especially on Monday, so please plan on slightly earlier/later practices, or even separate practices for Special Events! The final teams will only be made up of drivers that practice and actively participate in this thread! In 2017, we were usually pretty late getting everything sorted. The sooner we can confirm everyone who is racing, the sooner we can finish the schedule and finalize paints!


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@Bedo and I have done a little testing on this over the past couple of days. The AMG actually is coming in faster than the Ferrari and seems somewhat safer on the downhill. So sign both of us up for the AMG first and Ferrari second.
I'm going to sit this one out because i'm scared bathurst will kill my wheel again. (It was totally bathurst that killed my last wheel, not at all the cookie :p )
Just ran some laps in the Ferrari using the set we used last year. Still feels Gucci. Stable, safe over the mountain, quick enough. I'm sure we could get more speed out of it, make it rotate a bit better, but it's so stable over the top it's hard to argue with.
I tried out the other Ferrari gear stacks. I think IMSA Daytona is probably the best bet. Doesn't lose anything low end to the FIA set but accounts for a couple of extra KPH by the end of Conrod.

IMSA Short and Ferrari Challenge were garbo at this track.


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