[Special Event] 2021 iRacing Bathurst 1000

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Track: Mount Panorama Circuit (6.213 km/3.861 mi)
Date: September 17th-19th
Race Times:
Saturday 01:00 GMT (Friday 21:00 EDT/18:00 PDT) - Aus Server​
Saturday 07:00 GMT (3:00AM EDT/12:00AM PDT) - US Server​
Saturday 12:00 GMT (8:00AM EDT/5:00AM PDT) - US Server​
Saturday 16:00 GMT (12:00PM EDT/9:00AM PDT) - US Server​
Race Length: 161 Laps (1000 KM)
Supercars Ford Mustang GT​
Supercars Holden ZB Commodore​

In-Sim Date: November 7th, 2021
Sim Start Time: 10:40 AM
Warmup: 30 Minutes
Qualifying: 8 Minutes/2 Laps
Race Start Time: ~11:20
Weather: Dynamic
Sky: Dynamic
Incidents Limit: None
Incident Penalty: Stop & Go penalty at 50 incidents and every 20 after
Field Size: 30 Cars


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I'm taking the Saturday off to make this. Would like to run the Friday split, as it will probably be the largest, but would love to run a Saturday US split, too. Not fussed with which one. Keep in mind the race will be ~5 hours.
I'm down for a Saturday timeslot. I would think of doing the Friday timeslot but I'm usually bushed after a workday and can't stay up past 11pm EST. I'd probably be doing either the usual B2O timeslot or the one after.


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Ooooooh yeah....

So this is kind of brutal..

Pretty fun though. I seem to recall aiming for 2:07's in the past, and I can get there, but I'm mostly living in the low 2:08's. This car brakes a lot better than I remember it braking, but also worse? Like, you can use more of the brake pedal before it locks up (I'm almost to 100% at times), but they also seem to do less? Note that this car has an automatic throttle-cut for upshifts, so you don't need to lift, but you do still need to blip on downshifts.

Perkier is the way to go, but Pudgie is there if you just want to putt around. Its less a matter of "Fast" vs "Safe" and more "Fast Death" vs "Slow Death". Both are trash, tbh, but it's all I've got, so far.



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:eek: I forgot those were there....

I think I was averaging 2-3 per lap, spread out around 6 consistent spots; the Cutting, the entrance to Reid Park, obviously the straights between Reid to Sulman and Sulman to McPhillamy, the Dipper, and the exit of Falken corner.
I tried both of the sets, I will do some more this weekend. So far the podgier feels much safer (tincy bit understeery) the Perkier was very sideways for the first couple of laps but I need to do more laps.


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You don't want to settle on Pudge. I can't run lower than a 2:09.1 with it. I couldn't believe how slow it was, probably due to the understeer. That right feont is going to fall off super-quick with that much pressue. I haven't compared them yet. Are you running Kamel today? I'll jump on in about an hour (3:30 BST) if you're interested in practicing anything.
I had another run with with both sets and yes, the pudgier just had no get up and go once i got to the high 2:09s. I was struggling with the Perkier at first but it seemed to be a bit more stable when I filled the fuel up to 110 litres.
Not sure what weather you were practicing in so I drove morning and noon with about 2 seconds between the two times, which seems a lot.
I wont be doing Kamel, I only got out of hospital on Monday night and back in the car yesterday. Practice is fine but a full on, full strain race is going to be too much for me.


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After a couple of hours of practice this morning, we've created this monstrosity. The goal was to curb the tyre wear. I failed. 2/3rds of the way through a run, I'm down to 37% on the right front. HOWEVER, despite the tyre wear, the car remains pretty balanced and never looses it's ability to left... I wonder if the tyre wear will get better as rubber is laid down? *fingers crossed*

Next session, I'll up the track state and see if that helps. We went a second faster in this set than we could on the Perkier.


I did this race at the end of 2019 in the Mustang, maybe parts of the video will help out.
There are time-stamps in the description so you can jump around to whatever part might be useful to you.
I did another race before this one but the track was way faster, this is probably closer to the weather that will be in the race in a couple of weeks.

EDIT: I may have only recorded this in 720p or Youtube just hasn't finished processing, it should still look ok, but apologies!
I'll be around quite a bit this week to start practicing seriously for this. Not sure what nights we normally do PPals at this point? But I'll likely be around tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


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