[Special Event] 2021 iRacing Bathurst 1000

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Well that went much better than I expected. Started 9th, finished 9th, but I had 7th in the bag but for a couple of unforced errors. Was really surprised how good and clean the racing was given the SoF of that split and how hard that car is to drive around there.

Time for the big one tomorrow.
I'm pretty sure I figured out my mic volume issue. Back in Feb./March I had the same issue leading up to and during the Bathurst 12hr.

I had gone into the Windows sound settings by right-clicking the taskbar speaker (I don't know why but it seems that you can't access these settings through the start menu settings window) and going into the sound settings, then recording tab. In the microphone properties under the levels tab I increased the microphone volume and microphone boost. I had these maxed during the Bathurst 12hr so I didn't think to check them last night but they were back to 50 (Mic volume) and 0db (mic boost).

I hope this has fixed the issue. I'll check it right now. If it hasn't then I'll figure something else out.


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I see two basic strategies playing out for this race;
6 Stints - requires mostly fuel-saving to get 27 laps out of the car. There are good fuel-savers out there, but I am not one of them.
7 Stints - 161/7=23 Seems like the easiest/best way to go. We can run a little light and we don't need to run the tyres into the ground.

For a schedule, I propose taking the first/last stint and one of the congruent stints:
Stint 1: Marc
Stint 2: Matt
Stint 3: Matt
Stint 4: Jes
Stint 5: Jes
Stint 6: Marc
Stint 7: Marc

I know Matt likes to drive early, but I also know its going to be a late night for Jes.
I have no skills when it comes to fuel-saving either so the 7 stop strategy sounds good. The start of my stints will put me around 12-12:30am EST. That will be tough but I'm thinking it might be good due to the race being spread out and a little calmer. Everything looks good to me. Looking forward to it, gents!!
We finished 18th, but we finished. If by "challenges" you mean my shit driving in this car...;)

@Jes_971 Absolutely monstored it. Triple stint where he was laying down consistent 2:07's. @Skid_Marc_ Also drove really well. I had my...issues, though what ended up really causing us harm was getting caught up in someone else's wreck which I don't feel terribly guilty about.

All that aside, we got to test iRacing's new repair changes and they are really good! Our car was absolutely trashed, missing the hood, down an incredible amount of power (like 50kph down)....and after 12 minutes of optionals we basically got a new car. It still had some dents and dings, but it was back to full pace and Jes went on to beat the mountain in to submission with it. It's a HUGE QoL fix for teams like ours who want to finish endurance events even when they aren't going great.
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